Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stressed Out

I feel terrible!I left my assignments undone. And I did NOTHING today. 
When Im gonna finish all my works? 
I lost my right-side test fit! How stupid I am!
I think I left it in my class, because I get back hurriedly this afternoon.
That means I have to re-do! Oooh~ NO!!
And I do drapping, but I dont know HOW!?
So may be I'll ask my lecturer about it tomorrow.
(Hope everything will be alright tomorrow. Be Postive!)

Well, I already start reading the novel I bought yesterday.
Guess what? I just read few pages, and I feel uneasy.
Have u ever feel like this?
U wanna do something u want, but u keep thinking of other thing, which is disturbing ur mind?
I really hate that. Seriously!
"So, why u dont just do ur work?"
The answer is, I CANT! There's nothing I can do right now.
Oh~ I have one thing that I can do exactly.
PRAY! Huh~

What I really want to do right now:
1. Reading novel.
2. Watching movie whether it's Detective Conan or Gossip Girl. ANYTHING!
3. Playing some games. 
4. Chatting with someone.
5. Anything that can distract my mind from the holy-shit ASSIGNMENT!

*911 please! :( 

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