Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love comes true

My best friend, ANGEL-the just birthday girl, chatted with me using blackberry messenger.
So I laid on the bed and start typing. LOL *what a nice position to chat.

First we talked about relationship between boys and girls. And I dont know how, the topic bloom!!
The last thing I know before I close my eyes and fall asleep is, we talked about someone she loved!
Oh, darlingg!! U finally admit that. Well, she hasnt tell me who is the lucky guy. Because I was just so sleepy last nite. And she promised to tell me today! Aw aw aw~ cant wait any longer. I talked like I was so experienced! Im not at all. LOL~ I was just answering her what I know. But she seems agreed with me. U know? When girls meet, they'll talk about boys. So boys do.

Ooh! I also have a great news!!
This morning, I was surprised by a friend from Singapore, Evie!!
She has something to tell me. And ask to guess it. Then she left me a bunch of curious!! Oh!!
Finally after lunch, she told me.
As I expected, she's no longer single!
WOW! Im glad to hear that, dear. After a long long time waiting and being disappointed of love, prince comes true!
"Congrats my dearie! Wish both of u be happy always!"

See? There's always someone to someone!
Be patient! 

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