Thursday, September 26, 2013


**** Nothing IMPORTANT here !

People say, in order to have a better future we should let go the past. I agreed. But somehow it's not easy to walk on the path we barely know. I've left Voice+ Magazine and officially work for Salt n Pepper. I admit, having a new work environment is not easy. I miss my old office desk and the people in there. But life must go on. I gotta face what's in front me.

Another thing is I'm one of the semifinalist of Lomba Perancang Mode (LPM) 2013, the most prestigious fashion competition in Indonesia. Kindly vote my design HERE by giving a thumb and help me share it. Your vote will mean so much to me.

Keep fighting ! (Even I feel so sleepy right now, and can't wait for Friday *lol*)
Have a good day, fellas! :)