Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A gift for my Christmas

Well, I bet everyone were celebrate christmas full of joy and happines.
Except me! :(
I have to work. *Sigh~

We are in the end of december. The end of year.
Still~ Im kinda enjoying this month.

I have a story to tell.
It just happened today!

I met an angel. Not that one with white wings and got a circle above her head!
Im not in heaven yet. LOL~

But ordinary woman with an extraordinary heart.

She work as cleaning service in the place I work.
1 week ago I met her.
And she recognized me as Indonesian.
So we talk. She's from Surabaya (Same place with Yung). LOL~
Then she asked me whether I love to eat Javanese Cuisine.
She planned cook for me.
And gave me the food today.

I dont know what is this called. Spicy soup!? Quite nice. Though I dont like spicy.
This is sambal balado. SUPEEER SPICY!! LOL~
Well, may be that's not a high-class food.
But I really appreciate it.
Dunno why there's such a person like her in this world.
She's kind to me, and ask me to eat her cook again.
You know!? She dont even want me to pay.
That's why I feel uneasy.
How come I could  receive that all?

But she show me how the existence of kindness.
And it's amazing.
Im sure, God see this and give her more!
And this might be a GIFT for my christmas.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miss my LIFE

Huff! Long time dint update! :(
Yeah! Im supeeeer busy!
Always be home late at night.
OOH! I really miss how my life used to be!
I wanna enjoy my holiday as well!
Wiha also start working ady.
And she complain as MUCH as I did.
HAHA! It's okay, 1st week!
Fighting dear!! :D

Well, I got day off this sunday.
And sure that's a BIG day! Not only BIG but A SUPEEER BIG DAY!
Mami and my sista are coming to visit me. And celebrate christmas together. Yeay!
But~ I'll still working. Huff!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

No more training

Yeah! Sorry cant update my second day of training.
Well, it's almost same as 1st day.
Standing from morning till night.
Serve costumer, go to store, check the size and color.
Wrap it up. And say "Thank you, come again!"
Yes! Just like that.
Simple? Yeah! But guess what!?
My feet is super duper tired! :(

Okay, no more training.
Start from tomorrow, I'll b more busy!
The new outlet is opening soon this coming wednesday.
 I move to Sunway Pyramid outlet.
So tomorrow I will help other staff to arrange the display. And tidy up.
Fiuuh~ I bet it'll b so hard for me.
But yea~ FIGHTING!! 

Ok then.
Cya next time.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Training : 1st day

Fiuuh~ What a day!

Damn tiring! Not bcuz of transportation. Either my job.
I've been standing for around 7 hours today!

*applause to me~

Let the story begin.
I woke up at 7. Then shower and simply do my hair.
Then Yung~ came, we both go downstair wait for bus.
Together with Marisa and Astika, we took the bus. And I stopped in Midvalley.

After I reach Tiamo shoes outlet, I was officially briefed.
And know Tiamo shoes more. A romantic and feminime design for girl.
Based on Ballerina shoes concept. Yes! Everything is flat!

The retail is so cute! Everything in soft pastel color. And so princess!
Well, it just so me! HAHA!

And know what!? This is kinda annoy me actually.
I have to do make up every day! :(
I dont know so much about that stuff.
But again! I was simply briefed in Elianto make up outlet.

So I know how to do casual make up.
I mean completely start with foundation and blah blah blah~
But~ sorry! I wont do that. Cuz that make up makes me look older!
Well, I should find simple daily make up. Yes!

So what I've learn for today!?
SO MUUUCH! Till' I forgot some! LOL~
For example, I know a measurment called Monopoint.
How to do packaging and visual display.
Oh yeah~ I'll write them down on my journal of course!

And what's exciting today is I found new friends! :D
Macky and Rien!
Will introduce them later. Hihihiy~

Okay then, I have to wash my hair.
Cuz It has been sprayed to form a perfect bun!
And yeah~ I have to wake up early tomorrow!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Be tough!

Wow! Im totally surprised this morning!
Guess what? I got a call for my internship. Saying that I'll be start my training by tomorrow.
Well, I was placed with Wiha. But there's changing.
She will work for another outlet. Same company!
And she will start working by next week.
May be in the mid-december.
But yeaaah! I have to attend the training.
Ooh~ May b it will be very very very exciting!
*be positive!! :)

Btw, I miss HOME so MUCH!!!
I wanna go home! TT_TT~
Wondering how my family doing?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's time to say bye for november.

And welcoming December.
Hope this month will be greater than November.
*Though Im not sure! HAHA!

Yeah, Mami and Papi birthday is on December.
And I wont go home! Cuz I'll be working here. Till February! :(
For the first time I dont celebrate their birthday beside them.
And celebrate Christmas in KL.
Guess so many things will happen.
There'll be so much fun behind it all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


HWAA!! Unbelievable!
I found my internship ady. And I can start working this mid-december..
Yeaaah! I still have much time to enjoy my holiday 1st.
Ooh~ I work as a image consultant. Though it's not an high-fashioned job, but I know I can learn many things as well. Get more experiences! :)


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lily Donaldson

Sugar Kei

Yeaaah! Wanna share something.
Anybody know about Sugar Kei?
Sugar Kei is a part of Marimo - Japan.
Love the style a LOTS!! It's just so me~
Another dreamland for fashion.

Polky Dotty

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PINK! J'adore ♥

Since I have nothing to do, browsing everywhere.
Then I found these stuffs!
OMG! They're so CUTEE!!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Cant stop admire PINK!

 Wat if the sky going PINK!? LOL~
Live in a wonderland!
 I wish I have one! :(
 Fairy tale in bedroom? That's every girl wish for.

 One day I'll do my boutique like that!! Casual vintage!
 Guess what's that? Guitar pendrive! Tell me where to find!?

See? Pink is just too cute!
And it's so ADORABLE!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free? It's kinda boring!

Im now free! Totally free!!
Im happy? Of course ya! 
But I think my life is kinda boring. :(
Dunno wadd to do!
Yea! Im a kind of person who love to complain!
When I got assignment, I was like ," I wanna be free!"
And when Im free, I was like, "What to do!?"

I know there so much things to do out there.
Shopping, Going to cinema, read manga, playing piano, reading, write my diary, and BLOGGING!
I still have facebook, twitter, messenger, and phone!
But where are the people I used to connect with?
Yea! Eveyone is going home, enjoying holiday.
And me?
Still looking for internship!
OOH~ Poor me! :(

I havent found it yet. And I have to.
I wanna go HOME!
I miss my family. But I have a reason to stay.
I know everything will be okay soon!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


When i saw a movie about friendship.
There'll b some girls with different character.
To make a perfect story.
Without realized dat really happens in real life.
In my GANK!

Christine such a DARE DEVIL, she'll do everything for our friendship.
Though she got a sharp tongue,  she's kind-hearted!
And for those who havent know her much, they'll definitely judge her as a bad girl.
Lemme tell u, SHE'S NOT!!
Nick name: Boncel, Tajie, Ciprett, Biatch!

Wiha such an INNOCENT girl, she's so funny!
Though she's the oldest among us, she sometimes act childish.
And we loved to bully her. LOL~
Nick name : Wijaiho, Ajay bin ajay~, Kuniang (kuku niang niang), Rong Ge, Xiao Mei, Tuprett, Bitcho
*yaaah! she got so many nick names. HAHAHA!

Diana is ADVISER, she's mature.
Always think logic and postive.
Nick name: Didin, Na, Ojie, Peprett.

Stephanie more like HELLBENDER.
She loves party. But she cant dance.
She loves drink. And easily get drunk.
Afterall, she is the best listener when we face trouble.
Nick name: Ibo, Khe Kia, Ngeprett.

My life is just so excited. Full of tears.
Nick name: Lil', Mamak, Lanprett.

We live together for years. And too much to know each other.
Well, every friendship sure have conflict.
So do ours.
Sometimes, we annoy. We have quarrel.
And anytime, we forgive and forget.
That is what friendship about, isnt it?

This is a picture that I took long time ago. With my BESTIES!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Best NOVEMBER ever!!!

Long time no c! :D
I got a lots of story!! Yeaa~ so many things happened!

I just celebrated my birthday last week.
2nd November. And I got special gift from someone special.
HUGE THANKS to my housemates, who have prepared things.
Especially CHRISTINE! XD
She's the one who are supeeer busy for my birthday. I know!
Hm~ we were kinda busy that time. Because of assignment.
That's why we didnt held any party.
I just blow a candle, and make a wish.
They threw flour and water on me. Damn cold! LOL~
But thaaanks!!
For the wishes.
For the surprise.
For spend the nite for me in the middle of assignment.
For everything.

Gotta go!
My assignment is waiting~ Huuf!

My final is this coming friday.
Ooh! I sent one of my garment to tailor. A bit relief. Fiuuh~
But still, a lot of things to be done.
Wish me luck.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pineapple Head

Miss u bloggers! :)
Here, I wanna share my life story! Yeah~ AGAIN!

Tell me who dont miss that moment?
A moment when we still dont know how scary is this world.
The time we enjoyed.
Hm~ when I open an old album, see my pictures, and how do I look now?
I grown up! Everything changed! Except one. Me inside!

Here my pic, when I was a little!
Me with my bro! :)

How? Do I look cute when I was kid? LOL~

I remembered my Grandma. (A mom to Papi)
She died long time ago. When I was about 3 years.
I know she loves me so much. So do I.

I have a story. Here we go~

So when I was a kid, I only have a thin hairs.
And my Grandma worried about that.
So she took me to saloon. And perm my hair. LOL~
How can a kid perm her hair? Damn funny!
I look so curly that time.
That's why my grandma called me "pineapple head" that time.
Bcuz my hair looks like pineapple. HAHA!

Then one day, my maid stole my money box!
She took away all my money inside.
Well, I dont have much money that time.
But yeaaah~ It's my saving!!
So I cried along the day.

And the next day, when I just came back from school.
Grandma told me, "I got something for u, go ahead to the kitchen. I put it there."
So I ran to the kitchen.
I found a green pineapple money box

Since that day, I save my money there.
After Grandma passed away, my bro and I were going to split the money box with a RULER!
How stupid we are! LOL~
And mom told us, better keep the money box like that.

U know what!?
I can see the money inside through the small space.
And it's cool,when I see old money which isnt exist now.

Thanks Grandma,
for leaving me a memorable money box.
So I can keep the memory between us inside whenever I miss u.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fixing Me

I feel so BAD today!
For something I've done.
I swear, from today on, I'll try to think positively, and never judge something on my own.
Sometimes, I dont understand what's life really mean.
I used to think anything on my own, without any further thought.
I know I am wrong. TRULY WRONG!!!
And what I found after that is, REGRET
Nothing can bring me back. And fix what I've done.
Well, it's true. People said, Regret comes late!
Everyone did mistake, but only some did the same.
And Im not gonna be part of the "some".

Well, yesterday is Stephanie's birthday. 
We make-up her like crazy! LOL~
I've tried to upload the video on Youtube. 
But I dunno y, it dint work!
*may b I'll try later.

And, tomorrow is my lovely sista's birthday!
Same date with Christine.
See? So many friends birthday on October!
Ooh! Yeah~ My bro also celebrate his birthday yesterday.
I just text him! I hope I can celebrate it there together with my family.
In fact, Im in KL now. Huh~
But dont worry, Bro!
I got present for u. Wait till I go back. :D

Huff~ AGAIN! About my assignment. Ooh~ GOD!
Im dying! SERIOUSLY!
I dont think I can done it.
Im totally dying~ :(
Well, my birthday is coming! 2nd November.
The day after that is the deadline of my second garment.
See? I'll be so busy before that day!
And I'd better do it faster, or I wont sleep on that day!
Mamiiii~ I really need HELP!!
Okay! Nothing to worry,Lil~
Im gonna finish it all ASAP.
And going home!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A piece of memories

This is another pieces of my journey called LIFE.

I really miss my schoolmates!
And when I opened my drawer,I found a diary. Which they wrote for me.

Ooh~ Really miss them!
We are now separate by distance. Huff~ Hope we will meet up someday. 
So we love to eat! And taste any tasty food after school.
And here are our nickname.

.Angel. as Babond
.Mimi. as Bubond
.Me. as Abond
Weird? It got a loooong story. Hehehe~
They left me letters before I leave to Malaysia.




Hm, we got same diary. And I also write for them. 
*Sorry! I dont have their diaries' pictures.

Our friendship will last forever.