About ME ♥

  • I was born on 2nd November 1991. Preferably being called by my nickname Lilyan. 
  •  Im 151cm/ 42Kg (Petite!!)
  • My physically look, u can check it on my photo :)
  • I have two piercings on my left ears and one on right.
  • I talk a little to people who I just knew. And be super talkactive to people who close to me. So pleasee! Dont judge me that Im cocky till u know the real I am.
  • As human being, I dream a lot! Currently working as Fashion Writer in VOICE+ Magazine as a contributor, and full time Fashion Stylist in Salt n Pepper while building my own fashion label VROUWEN
  • I cried a lots the day I started going to school. 
  • Traveling, reading, writing, watching, drawing are the things I cant live without.
  • Fashion addict, music enthusiast, and dog lover
  • The only sport I do is shopping. 

Crispy sound. Dunno why! It annoys me!!
Drinking sound. Glek! Glek! GLEK!! Ohh~ my mom loves to do that.
- I'll scream loud being tickled.
Flies and mosquitos.
Horror. I'll keep thinking what if the ghost come toward me while Im bathing. SCARY!! 
Liars. Cheaters.
- When my hair looks perfect before i get in shower. And not turn out what i want. OOH! Bad hair day!!
Waiting (tell me who do!?)
- Presentation. It's make me like stupid girl waiting for my turn *NERVOUS
Exam!! Though I have to.
- Low battery when Im texting someone.
- When I remember something in my past which I dont want to remember, cuz it's hurt!
- People who dont know me, but talk bad about me.
Being bored. Get stuck with something. And have no idea.
Faker = F*cker
- Girl act stupid to get attention. So bitchy,yeah?
- Being sick with a heap of medicines.
Sneezing. though sometimes I love how my voice turn mellow when I get cold. LOL
- It's raining when Im about to go out.
- When my mom get blah blah blah~ @$#%^*$@#!!
- People who compare me with others" U know, u'll b better than Ms.X if u... blah blah blah" Oh please!! Im just me. Though Im nt perfect, I love the way I am.
Copy cat!
- When I have my meals, cat comes around. Ugh!!
- When I have a party but I dont have match outfit!! I'll be like , "I better stay at home tonight."
- When I almost done with my work, my PC crashed! And I  havent save my work!!
- When teachers randomly ask me to answer a question while Im in the middle of dreaming.
Traffic jam when Im in rush hour.
- When I try to answer the task, the teacher keep standing behind me, and watch me. I need to concentrate!
- Receiving chain message saying im gonna die if I dont forward it.

Yeah, I hate so many things in this LIFE. 
Though u might be in my HATE-LIST. Now try to be in my LOVE-LIST!

Jesus Christ. My Family. My besties. My lover. And they who LOVE me too!
Ilepen and the family. Well, they're more than dolls to me. I feel the warmth everytime I hug them.
Music. Who dont? For me, I love classical, love song, and sometimes Rnb. 
Fashion. And I really appreciate fashionable people. Be fashionable isnt always to impress people, but to appreciate yourself. Yeah, I dress for myself.
Classic stuffs. Antique and classy!
Colors. Especially PINK!!
Shopping. Get new stuffs for my wardrobe. 
Reading. Huge fans of SHERLOCK HOLMES
Holiday. Refreshing and relaxing. Forget ur tiring day. 
Photography and Photoshoot!! Being narcissist. (And not an OVER-narcissist.. LOL)
Puppies. They are so adorable!!
My hometown. A lot of memories there.
PARIS. Though I never been there. Hope some day I will.
- The feeling when I laugh till I cant breath. Haha! I can die anytime if I used to do that!
- Being with people who makes me comfort.
Sleep. I can forget my life for awhile, when Im getting to dreamland. I love to sleep during rainy days and hide under my blanket.
- The way people care for me.
- When someone rub my hair.
- The moment when I finish my work.
Kids. They'r so cute! And I wish to b a good mom one day. :)
- Watching movie. Especially movie which can make me cry.
Happy ending. When a story ended like what I expected.
- Friday. Thanks God It's Friday
Quotes. It inspires me in life.
My phone. My laptop. My music player. They entertain me everyday. :)
Rainbow, sky, stars, and moon. They're amazing!
- When someone remember what exactly I love in my life. It means he/she know me well.

Since I cant write it all one by one.
Just try to know me and u'll find out that Im attractive. (LOL Im kidding :P)

After all, I LOVE MY LIFE!!!
Love me or hate me, I dont care. Because Im always gonna shine.