Friday, April 29, 2011

Shakespeare in love,im in love ♥

This is a song by Layla Kaylif. I dont know why, I feel in love with this song. I keep listening it again and again. Till Wiha, as my roommate, complain me! Im sorry,dear! Im just so in love with this song. HAHA 

He's fought and he's fallen
He's on his knees before he's on his feet
A sinister romantic
Oh, he's about to be and she's about to see

Teachin' torches to burn bright
She's hanging on the cheek of night
A snowy dove trooping with crows
He never saw true beauty till tonight

She'll take him to the brink of deliverance
Show him that much
Oh, don't you know it
Oh, don't you know it
So he falls in love to feel that he's falling
She'll let him know his heart
Oh, don't you know it
Oh, don't you know it
That's Shakespeare in love

He's fought and he's fallen
He's on his knees before he's on his feet
A glittery romantic
Oh, he's about to be and she's about to see

His bounty's boundless like the sea
His love is endless, just as deep
The more he gives the more he has

Cause both of them are truly infinite

Nice lyrics, huh? Well, FYI, that's not the lyrics exactly according to the song. So, dont try to sing with it. U'll be so confuse. I hope that u guys could be in love. Just like me fall for this song.


Well, everybody is talking about the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Not only in my facebook, blackberry messenger and watever is the sociality application. Seems like the world celebrate for them. GOOD! I personally, wish both of them live happily ever after. Just like in fairytale. Kate seems has proved that fairytale really do exist. That means, we can dream for a prince charming. And who knows it comes true one day.

Okay, that's not exactly I wanna write about. FAMILY? Sure, everyone has one. Or may be, some just lost theirs. But family doesnt always mean about the connection of people who has the same blood type. I can call my besties as my family. Why not? They have been part in it. They're such inspiration and encouragement in my life. Uhm, perhaps u wonder, the post of my family is so rare! Well, I just dont want to expose it too much. But today! Something happened! And I think Im gonna share it. It's an useful information actually.

I called my mom this afternoon, and so she told me. Someone did a call to her, saying that my brother was arrested in the police station. And the fake police asked a bunch of money from my mom. So he could set my brother free. What the hell is he thinking! (pardon my languange!) Just asking for money!? He thought we r such an idiot? F*CK MAN! 
Luckily, my mom confirmed it again. She then called my bro. Guess what!? My bro is fine! MYGOD! Arent they thinking more over before cheating on someone else? Well, that's common in Indonesia. No offense! But that kind of shit happened in my country. A lot of bastards have those stupid tricks. But I still thank God, that it dint happen to my family. U get me? If someone call and tell u, that u have won a prize or whatever. ABOUT MONEY! U better think twice before fulfill their needs. That might be trap! Be careful.

Fiuh~ I was just too emotional. HAHA! Back to the point. That's not what Im gonna post. Let me tell u about my family. I love them a lot! Entire my life, my whole heart even my soul. They r the most important thing in my life. The best gift I've ever had. Nobody have a perfect family. So do I. But that's not the point. As long as we live under the same roof. Sharing every happiness and sadness. That's a FAMILY in my opinion. 
We as a family faced a lot of trouble lately. Not so serious. And I wont share it here. Somehow, it's privacy. But I can tell a bit. LOL!

*This is if only they're reading.
First, I wanna congratulate my sist. She just finished her junior high school. And damn, she has three months of holiday! *jealous! HAHA! Her name is Noviyana Halim (see!? I just wrote ur name in my blog. Ur full name!) 
"Now, it's time for u to fight more. To be more tough facing ur high school. Be mature. And I'd like to tell u, even u're getting taller or older, u'll be forever MY LIL'SISTA!!"

Then, I wanna hug my bro from distance! *Bear hug~ All u have been through, is just the process of getting ripe in life. U know I keep saying, 'there's someone to someone,' over and over again lately. Dont u think? HAHA!
"Again to u, nothing to worry my brother, there's always someone for someone. When it comes, it'll be yours. U know what I mean. So let start a new beginning. With a new hope."

Last but not least, to my beloved parents. However, I prefer to call them my BESTFRIENDS! They have been such a good listener, whenever I feel stressed out. How lucky I have them. And I wanna tell them.
"There's none of words could describe my love to u. And there's none of measurement to count my love."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Too handsome to be real

Too handsome to be real, dont u think so?
Well, this post dedicated to girls. Because we used to adore such a cute idol like them. *No offense! 
So, this is the handsome list according to me or we? Agree? 

1. Jung Yong Hwa - Korea
 His name was bloomed through a drama in Korea,You're Beautiful. He role as Shin Woo. He's the leader if CNBlue- a Korean boy band. He is also a model, singer, and actor. Super talented! 

2. Jang Geun Suk - Korea
 He's actually play as a male lead in a Korean movie, Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do. But he gained more popularity since his appearance in the same movie with Yong Hwa, You're Beautiful. He can sing very well. And always role as a singer. Though he isnt singer in real life. The latest drama he play is, Marry me,Mary. As usual, he's a leader of an Indie band in that movie. Somehow, he has a charismatic voice.

3. Mario Maurer - Thailand
 Well, I dont really know this actor so much. Since I decided to be his fan yesterday. After watching his movie trailer, A little thing called love .aka. First love. See? How charming he is, I just watched the trailer. Not the movie yet. Anyway,he's worth to be in this list.

3. Chace Crawford - America
 WOW! Who dont know this hot guy? May be I should call him Nathaniel Archibald. His appearance in Gossip Girl melt me down. Though Im not so into Caucasian idol, but I should admit, he's more than charming, isnt he?

Okay. uhm~ I just receive a news from my friend, Angel. She told me that she loves reading my blog. And enjoying it. Even she skipped her lesson for reading my blog. *so touching! But dear, u should read ur book much more than u reading my post. HAHA! 
And talked so, I also have assignment to do. I'd better doing my assignment more than typing this post. So, stay tune to my blog. Keep reading! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Make Up

 Well, is that make up looks like the one in Black Swan? I wonder. 


First of all, I wanna say to Wiha, "Get well soon,darling!"

Okay! I know this is not the latest collection of Topshop. But it still look adorable in my eyes. OH! I want have 'em in my wardrobe! Seriously. 

FYI, these photos belong to

Ooh~ I want 'em badly!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy SOUL-Garden

Well, may be u think, my life is about eat eat and eat. Whatever. FYI, this photos happened long time ago. Last month I think? I forgot. We were enjoying the glory of life. Tasty food!! Eat as much as u can. All u can eat.
SEOUL GARDEN! Well, not only that. We also enjoying Little Pantry, at IOI mall.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Alamanda Trip

First, I wanna say 'sorry' for so many blur photos. I hope it's alright.

After lunch, me, Wiha and Christine, think to refresh our mind for awhile. So we decided go to Alamanda. A shopping mall. Not really a big mall. But at least we had fun there. I checked the movie which is showing at Alamanda. We were considering between The Roommate or Red Riding Hood. Kind of hard decision. Leighton Meester or Amanda Seyfried. After watching the trailer in Youtube. We choosed Leighton Meester. Yeah, cuz we thought Red Riding Hood might be alike Twilight. Uh~

We had around half an hour before the movie. We spent it at Alamanda gamezone (well, I dont know what's exactly the name is).
I was so exciting. Because last time I went to a place like that with Yung~, remember?
And this time I bring my besties to play with.
Wiha seems not interest at the beginning. Perhaps, she just never try something like that for a long time. It feels awkward?

But, we forced her. We just bought the tokens, and she has to play the game as well. 
Three of us played fishing. Unexpected, Wiha is the winner. She stand till me and Christine lose.
Well, Im not a good game player, I admit that. I never win! May be I need more practice,huh?

Guess what? Time flew so fast. It always does, when we enjoyed it. 
It's time for movie.
Well, well, well, Leighton is totally different from Blair Waldorf. She's psycho!
OMG! I cant imagine if I had a roommate like her. 
A super protective roommate. 
At the beginning of the movie, everything seems normal.
Girl and girl, hanging out together. Sharing room and listen to each other.
But things getting worse, when one of them starting jealous seeing others having new friends.
Better u watch it yourself. I bet that was a nice movie after all.
And u'll find out u still love Leighton with her acting.
To be honest, I'd still prefer Blair than the Rebecca-she role in the movie.

Then, we had our dinner at Chicken rice shop. 
As usual, we talked more than we eat. LOL!
We talked about so many things. Mostly about the government. What a weird topic for girls?Probably!

Well, anybody watched Eat Pray Love?
Ya! I know, that was so NOT NEW in hollywood. I just watched it yesterday. Dont blame me, I just dont have the right time to watch it. *hehehe~
The movie was so COOL! I cant describe how cool it was. But it extremely makes me feel, I want a holiday like that. Beside facing a broken relationship. 

Been in Italy, India, and Indonesia. WOW! Triple-I! 
When can I get such a perfect holiday? After I graduate? Get a job? Hopefully.
I started dreaming, enjoying pasta in Italy, on the roadside. HWA!
Before that all happen, I have to make sure, I grown up already. Just like Liz, self-independent. 
And it's not that easy. 

But that makes me think. After I passed my semester-holly-break. Sewing all the day. *Hufft!
I was thinking, may be I should probably be a writer? *Im not joking btw.
I keep writing since I was in junior high school. But I never finished the story I write. Because everything seems so blur in the end. U know, deciding a PERFECT ending is not that easy. It doesnt mean everything should be in happy ending. I have a LOTS of thinking, ideas or whatever we called it. And pour them all into words. I did, sometimes. May be I should write more. And dig my writing-instinct. Who knows I could be a writer one day? And not a designer. HAHA!
Be a writer probably much easier than a designer. But both use MIND and CREATIVE. So am I? *sigh~

Well, well, well.. Dont think to much! Walk the path in front step by step. Dont look so far. And soon will reach the perfect place. That's what we called DREAMS.