Life as we know ♥

Born as a princess to my parents. 

Have my own castle, I called it home.

When I was little, I used to watch Disney princess, and start dreaming of a prince charming.

The first day I went to school, I cried a lot. And my brother cheer me up.

They say, sister is the best companion. I agreed.

I grown up and fall in love. People said, first love is always sweet. That's true. We may forget about the feeling but not the person.

I cried a lot over a broken heart. And understand, life ain't a fairy tale, and prince charming doesn't exist at all.

In my adolescence, I have my own gang. Hanging around with them all the time.

Time flew so fast, as I blink, I graduated from high school.

My parents sent me off to the airport, I saw few tears on Mom's eyes.

I started my college life, and found new friends. Who has become meaningful part of my life.

Everything is just so beautiful. Till we realize, there's a bitch among us. 

But that doesn't matter. Cuz' we love PEACE. 

Im mature, and no longer daddy's little girl.

Juvenile Delinquency

Frustrated with assignments.

Exam is over. Time to travel.

Cant stop tweeting how exciting my vacation is.

Time to rearrange the closet with new stuffs.

There was the time, I found MR.RIGHT NOW instead of MR.RIGHT.

As if to surrender, my besties come to cheer me. Slumber party is really helpful.

There's a party, and not gonna miss that. But this pimple is terrible. All I need is a magic pocket.

Party was great. I met a guy, seems like he has crush on me. Suddenly flowers everywhere.

New friend request. "Eh? Seems like I've seen him around lately." I never realize cyberspace will be this fun.

Life is choice. The party-guy is hot. And this cyber-friend is an honest guy.

I found out the party-guy doesn't mean to be with me. And getting more curious about the cyber-friend. Is this love?

I just cant stop talking about him to my girls. We spend cups of coffee talking about him.

It's been months since we met each other. I wonder when he's gonna say those words "Be my girl?"

For the first time, I feel my heart stop beating. 

Where there he was, there I was.

There're certain secrets I cant tell and write them instead.

Life's never flat. Each meeting will ends. Time to face reality.

But distance will never keep us apart.

Job is not easy to obtain.

Few months later, get a call, go for interview, sign a contract and get employed.

First salary is to treat beloved.

The rest will be purchased favorite brand handbag.

Working. Working. Working. It's friday. Rather being home, reading my books. Than in the crowd.

Get promoted, and life getting is busier than ever. 

Stressed out. Take a break. And leaving state. Far away from crowd.

Years passed. It's my anniversary.

Things getting serious, and we had our commitment.

More than dinner. Ring in champagne. 

Find the best wedding planner. Wedding dress. Wedding cake. Im getting married.

Besties as my bridesmaid. 

The date that I wont forget. The happiest moment in life. A promise to fulfill.

Glass shoes instead of  ring.

Honeymoon overseas.

Life begins at forty.

Live among the loved ones. Grow old together with him.

 That is what I called  LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

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