Saturday, November 27, 2010


HWAA!! Unbelievable!
I found my internship ady. And I can start working this mid-december..
Yeaaah! I still have much time to enjoy my holiday 1st.
Ooh~ I work as a image consultant. Though it's not an high-fashioned job, but I know I can learn many things as well. Get more experiences! :)


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lily Donaldson

Sugar Kei

Yeaaah! Wanna share something.
Anybody know about Sugar Kei?
Sugar Kei is a part of Marimo - Japan.
Love the style a LOTS!! It's just so me~
Another dreamland for fashion.

Polky Dotty

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PINK! J'adore ♥

Since I have nothing to do, browsing everywhere.
Then I found these stuffs!
OMG! They're so CUTEE!!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Cant stop admire PINK!

 Wat if the sky going PINK!? LOL~
Live in a wonderland!
 I wish I have one! :(
 Fairy tale in bedroom? That's every girl wish for.

 One day I'll do my boutique like that!! Casual vintage!
 Guess what's that? Guitar pendrive! Tell me where to find!?

See? Pink is just too cute!
And it's so ADORABLE!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free? It's kinda boring!

Im now free! Totally free!!
Im happy? Of course ya! 
But I think my life is kinda boring. :(
Dunno wadd to do!
Yea! Im a kind of person who love to complain!
When I got assignment, I was like ," I wanna be free!"
And when Im free, I was like, "What to do!?"

I know there so much things to do out there.
Shopping, Going to cinema, read manga, playing piano, reading, write my diary, and BLOGGING!
I still have facebook, twitter, messenger, and phone!
But where are the people I used to connect with?
Yea! Eveyone is going home, enjoying holiday.
And me?
Still looking for internship!
OOH~ Poor me! :(

I havent found it yet. And I have to.
I wanna go HOME!
I miss my family. But I have a reason to stay.
I know everything will be okay soon!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


When i saw a movie about friendship.
There'll b some girls with different character.
To make a perfect story.
Without realized dat really happens in real life.
In my GANK!

Christine such a DARE DEVIL, she'll do everything for our friendship.
Though she got a sharp tongue,  she's kind-hearted!
And for those who havent know her much, they'll definitely judge her as a bad girl.
Lemme tell u, SHE'S NOT!!
Nick name: Boncel, Tajie, Ciprett, Biatch!

Wiha such an INNOCENT girl, she's so funny!
Though she's the oldest among us, she sometimes act childish.
And we loved to bully her. LOL~
Nick name : Wijaiho, Ajay bin ajay~, Kuniang (kuku niang niang), Rong Ge, Xiao Mei, Tuprett, Bitcho
*yaaah! she got so many nick names. HAHAHA!

Diana is ADVISER, she's mature.
Always think logic and postive.
Nick name: Didin, Na, Ojie, Peprett.

Stephanie more like HELLBENDER.
She loves party. But she cant dance.
She loves drink. And easily get drunk.
Afterall, she is the best listener when we face trouble.
Nick name: Ibo, Khe Kia, Ngeprett.

My life is just so excited. Full of tears.
Nick name: Lil', Mamak, Lanprett.

We live together for years. And too much to know each other.
Well, every friendship sure have conflict.
So do ours.
Sometimes, we annoy. We have quarrel.
And anytime, we forgive and forget.
That is what friendship about, isnt it?

This is a picture that I took long time ago. With my BESTIES!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Best NOVEMBER ever!!!

Long time no c! :D
I got a lots of story!! Yeaa~ so many things happened!

I just celebrated my birthday last week.
2nd November. And I got special gift from someone special.
HUGE THANKS to my housemates, who have prepared things.
Especially CHRISTINE! XD
She's the one who are supeeer busy for my birthday. I know!
Hm~ we were kinda busy that time. Because of assignment.
That's why we didnt held any party.
I just blow a candle, and make a wish.
They threw flour and water on me. Damn cold! LOL~
But thaaanks!!
For the wishes.
For the surprise.
For spend the nite for me in the middle of assignment.
For everything.

Gotta go!
My assignment is waiting~ Huuf!

My final is this coming friday.
Ooh! I sent one of my garment to tailor. A bit relief. Fiuuh~
But still, a lot of things to be done.
Wish me luck.