Thursday, March 31, 2011


Long time dint blogging! How u guys doing?

I just finished format my laptop.
The driver stop working. So Yung~ helped me to format it.

I lost some of my program and games. :(
Like photoshop and THE SIMS!!! *sigh~

So many things happened lately.
Much fun!

School start like hell.
Assignment drive me crazy. Out of control.
Though I only have two subjects.
But both of them are so complicated!

I just hope everything go well. Since this is my last semester in Limkokwing.
So.. keep fighting! :)

BTW, Happy anniversary to my blog.
Yeah! It's been a year, since I was blogging.
I wish I'll keep writing.
And hope u keep reading it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Look!

Fiuh~ I just finished touch-up my blog.
How was it?
Do u guys like it? Hope so! :)

I think Im gonna change this whole blog. Into something classy and elegant.
Well, as u can see, there's no more PINK!
YA! I love pink so much. But I just try something new.

Anyway, I love my blog after the revolution. LOL~
Happy seeing!

Betsey Johnson

Another inspiration for FASHION LOVERS!

I choose Betsey as my inspiration designer. She always come out with an edgy and fun collection.
The spirit of a woman is very strong. Mixing the contrast colors. It's just so BETSEY!!

This is the collection of Fall 2009.
Some of the technique is knitting.

 And RUNWAY! Spring - Summer 2011

FYI, Betsey have her own label company. And she has mini dress and apparel collection.
From casual to cocktails!

I want own some!