Monday, April 11, 2011

Unplanned Travel

Unplanned Travel? Yeah! 
Today I feel like wasting time. (TIME IS MONEY)
That means Im wasting my money. LOL~

People said, something unplanned always bring surprise. Is it?
I dont think so!

Well, today we planned go to KL, because Yung~ was about to submit his documents for applying that job.
But he dint know the way. (I mean he's not sure about the way) 
And though Im so lost about road, I decided to accompany him. 
Who knows we'll get lost together. Survive and get home late. (Sounds like a movie?)
Then, we asked Joe to join us. 

So three of us start the journey! 
Well-Planned at the beginning. Uhm, actually Joe got a group meeting. 
So we drop him at Cyber to meet his friends. 
And I accompany Yung~ to photocopy the documents.

After awhile, we stopped at Vienna's house (she is a friend of Yung~ and me)
Yung~ checked the email. And just knew, that we dont have to go there. He can just scan and send the documents by email. We were like, "OMG! We just fill the petrol! And we dont have go to KL!"

And here we began our UNPLANNED TRAVEL!
Yung~ suggest us go to a temple in KL. We agreed. 
But think further, it's too far. So we decided go to somewhere nearer.
Because Joe also want to meet his younger brother.(Though he finally dint met his bro.)
"Sorry Joe, told ya, this is unplanned travel, so anything which was well-planned will just messed up."

And there we are. We stopped at Popular bookstore.
I bought a novel. "Confession of a Jane Austen Addict"
I think the story is nice, even I havent read it. 
The story is a bout a girl named, Sassy. She is smart girl and adore Jane Austen so much!
She read her novels few too many times. And suddenly she wake up in Regency England in the body of Jane Mansfield! She found a new accent, a new body and a wicked new mother. Of course with a new man in her life, dishy Charles Edgeworth. So the story flow, in the end, will she go back to her twenty first century back?
I'll tell u after I read it! It's my promise! 

Here is the most AWESOME part of the day!
Guess what? We went to a game zone. Well, that was Joe's idea. Not bad! It was my first time going to a place like that with Yung~.
A place full of noise and game machine. As I was imagine, there must be a lot of punk people.
In fact, it was just in movie. HAHA!
Me and Yung~ played Mario Bros racing car. We thought we can compete each other. 
But I dont know how the machine works. So we just play by ourselves.
Then we get into a car, like a box with two guns inside.
So we trapped in a jungle and we supposed to shoot the wild animals to survive.
I can say, Im such a stupid. U know what!?
I keep shake the gun, and act like I was shooting the animals, then I realized, I just died in the game.
But I could tell, IT WAS FUN! SO MUCH FUN!
Here left one coin. I will keep it.

We really have no idea about what to do, and where to go.
But we really had a good time!
May be we should do that again someday.

Okay! I gotta go! I have a lot of things to do.
My research and sewing. Feels like I wanna scream for a help.
But life is always tough. So keep struggling. 
*Fighting, Lil~

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