Monday, October 24, 2011

Pretz Birthday!

"Happy Birthday, Khe Kia. Mamak loves you, always do :) "

Mamak wish u,
More mature to face life.
Be a better person.
May u find someone soon aka. Mario Maurer. LOL!
Can get rid all your assignment.
Most of all, I wish u stay healthy and be happy always.

Have I told u how much I love October? LOADS! Most lovely person in my life celebrate their birthday on October.
Im gonna say

"Happy Birthday, Tajie. Mamak loves you, and always will :) "

Though your birthday hasnt arrived yet. Let me just wishing you. (read: Im going to Penang tomorrow. So I cant post it on time.)

Mamak wish u,
Always happy as usual u do.
Find a better man, so u can forget that bastard!
May u finish all the garments asap!
Could be what u want all this time (Money slap! LOL)
Most of all, may we be friends till we grey.

Last but not least, to Wiha. I know your birthday has past. But as Mamak, I should fair.  HAHA!

No matter what, we will be friends forever.
Love prets!! :D

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bed Time Stories

Cooking Day

What's up readers? I've come back! XD

Cooking Day? Well, as many people think, I cant cook.
And I cook. Yes, I did it.

Corn Flakes

Fettucini for Dinner

Im giving myself 8 score out of 10 for my cook. Haha! I just love it. Eventhough, my sister complain about the fettucini. It's kind of hard. Like a rubber. LOL! I'll make it better next time.