Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Holly Day

Im home.
I was so happy being home. Be with my family. A house dat i miss for so long.
Dunno why.. im nw missing my girls.
They r second family to me..
Weird.. hahaha.. XD~

When im home, i cant sleep late like wadd i done in KL..
When im home, i cant chit n chat all the day..
When im home, i have to help my mom..
When im home, i miss my girls.. ><~


When im home, i used to gathering with my family..
When im home, i can read all my novels everytime..
When im home, i have no worry about assignment.. (hahaha.. =D)
When im home, i can play piano as well

After all, i'll njoy my one month holiday.
Meet some old friends..
Shopping with mom..
Playing with my sist..
And of course, eat all the tasty food..

happy holiday.....

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Do u think im as a girl know about u so well?
Okay, im gonna tell u, wadd man (i mean REAL MAN) in my mindset.
They may have power, but dat doesnt mean they can intimidate.
They may nt b gentle all the time, but please!! at least u dun hv to b so rude whenever u r talking. We all know dat ur voice is much more louder than us.
See? dat was wadd MAN in ur (girls) opinion.
Look at u...
R u including one of them above?
im just wanna say:
"Man may have the power.. but have u ever think where u came from? ur mom!"
talking about Man, today is Father's day.
Although u r nt the best father in this world
But u r the best Man in my world

Friday, June 18, 2010


Deep breathe.....
Finally.. Omigoood~
I was suffered from these past weeks.. because of my final project. Huh!!!
2 garments. 10 boards to present. Finally everything done. ON TIME!!! in HURRY!!
Hm~ i was about to give up when i thought dat i cant handle it all.
But so much thanx (okay~ i mean REALLY HUGE THAAAANX!!!), and this THANX is give to:
- Him, who let me learn wadd is struggle really mean in life
- My bloved Mom, who support me everytime I complain about my work or wadd I am about to give up with all her love and patience.
- My lovely room mate, Wiha. Who helping me so MUCH!!, let me see how hard to reach a dream.
- My lovely fren, Christine 'n Diana, who always support me. N cheer me up whenever im down of my work.
- My lecturer and my model. Who help me to complete this final. I wont make it without U guys!!
Freedom. A simple word with huge meaning. Im free!! I have nothing to do. I have nothing to worry about. I have nothing to think of. Well, being free is like a feeling of relief.
But life isnt always flat. I KNOW, of course! hehehe...
Well, ill b home this coming monday.
Cant wait for monday. Really!!!
Btw, i'll upload my garments later.
Cuz i just have some pics of my project.