Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UNknown people are annoying!

WOW! I was surprised this morning, when I logged in my facebook.
I found out someone (let's not named his name), has wrote an unappropriate wall post.
So I decided to remove him from my account.

Well, actually I really want to delete my friends in facebook.
Ups~ I mean the people who I dont really know in my friend list at facebook, alright?
I have two thousands something friends in my facebook.
And how Im gonna delete thousands+ at once?
Im going crazy to delete them one by one!
But, I found a way to make it easier.
Just click 'account' then edit friend. It much more easier!

However, I also have a lot of things to do. Rather than delete my unknown-friends in facebook.
So I decided to delete hundred each day. And it probably takes one week to delete them.

It's kinda annoying having unknown people, who is freely seeing our photos and wall post.

So for those who wanna delete the unknown people, 

*Im gonna do my assignment.

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