Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A gift for my Christmas

Well, I bet everyone were celebrate christmas full of joy and happines.
Except me! :(
I have to work. *Sigh~

We are in the end of december. The end of year.
Still~ Im kinda enjoying this month.

I have a story to tell.
It just happened today!

I met an angel. Not that one with white wings and got a circle above her head!
Im not in heaven yet. LOL~

But ordinary woman with an extraordinary heart.

She work as cleaning service in the place I work.
1 week ago I met her.
And she recognized me as Indonesian.
So we talk. She's from Surabaya (Same place with Yung). LOL~
Then she asked me whether I love to eat Javanese Cuisine.
She planned cook for me.
And gave me the food today.

I dont know what is this called. Spicy soup!? Quite nice. Though I dont like spicy.
This is sambal balado. SUPEEER SPICY!! LOL~
Well, may be that's not a high-class food.
But I really appreciate it.
Dunno why there's such a person like her in this world.
She's kind to me, and ask me to eat her cook again.
You know!? She dont even want me to pay.
That's why I feel uneasy.
How come I could  receive that all?

But she show me how the existence of kindness.
And it's amazing.
Im sure, God see this and give her more!
And this might be a GIFT for my christmas.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miss my LIFE

Huff! Long time dint update! :(
Yeah! Im supeeeer busy!
Always be home late at night.
OOH! I really miss how my life used to be!
I wanna enjoy my holiday as well!
Wiha also start working ady.
And she complain as MUCH as I did.
HAHA! It's okay, 1st week!
Fighting dear!! :D

Well, I got day off this sunday.
And sure that's a BIG day! Not only BIG but A SUPEEER BIG DAY!
Mami and my sista are coming to visit me. And celebrate christmas together. Yeay!
But~ I'll still working. Huff!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

No more training

Yeah! Sorry cant update my second day of training.
Well, it's almost same as 1st day.
Standing from morning till night.
Serve costumer, go to store, check the size and color.
Wrap it up. And say "Thank you, come again!"
Yes! Just like that.
Simple? Yeah! But guess what!?
My feet is super duper tired! :(

Okay, no more training.
Start from tomorrow, I'll b more busy!
The new outlet is opening soon this coming wednesday.
 I move to Sunway Pyramid outlet.
So tomorrow I will help other staff to arrange the display. And tidy up.
Fiuuh~ I bet it'll b so hard for me.
But yea~ FIGHTING!! 

Ok then.
Cya next time.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Training : 1st day

Fiuuh~ What a day!

Damn tiring! Not bcuz of transportation. Either my job.
I've been standing for around 7 hours today!

*applause to me~

Let the story begin.
I woke up at 7. Then shower and simply do my hair.
Then Yung~ came, we both go downstair wait for bus.
Together with Marisa and Astika, we took the bus. And I stopped in Midvalley.

After I reach Tiamo shoes outlet, I was officially briefed.
And know Tiamo shoes more. A romantic and feminime design for girl.
Based on Ballerina shoes concept. Yes! Everything is flat!

The retail is so cute! Everything in soft pastel color. And so princess!
Well, it just so me! HAHA!

And know what!? This is kinda annoy me actually.
I have to do make up every day! :(
I dont know so much about that stuff.
But again! I was simply briefed in Elianto make up outlet.

So I know how to do casual make up.
I mean completely start with foundation and blah blah blah~
But~ sorry! I wont do that. Cuz that make up makes me look older!
Well, I should find simple daily make up. Yes!

So what I've learn for today!?
SO MUUUCH! Till' I forgot some! LOL~
For example, I know a measurment called Monopoint.
How to do packaging and visual display.
Oh yeah~ I'll write them down on my journal of course!

And what's exciting today is I found new friends! :D
Macky and Rien!
Will introduce them later. Hihihiy~

Okay then, I have to wash my hair.
Cuz It has been sprayed to form a perfect bun!
And yeah~ I have to wake up early tomorrow!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Be tough!

Wow! Im totally surprised this morning!
Guess what? I got a call for my internship. Saying that I'll be start my training by tomorrow.
Well, I was placed with Wiha. But there's changing.
She will work for another outlet. Same company!
And she will start working by next week.
May be in the mid-december.
But yeaaah! I have to attend the training.
Ooh~ May b it will be very very very exciting!
*be positive!! :)

Btw, I miss HOME so MUCH!!!
I wanna go home! TT_TT~
Wondering how my family doing?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's time to say bye for november.

And welcoming December.
Hope this month will be greater than November.
*Though Im not sure! HAHA!

Yeah, Mami and Papi birthday is on December.
And I wont go home! Cuz I'll be working here. Till February! :(
For the first time I dont celebrate their birthday beside them.
And celebrate Christmas in KL.
Guess so many things will happen.
There'll be so much fun behind it all.