Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Superb BIG Day

How is 17th august is a BIG day?
The most important thing is, my superb besties, WIHA! Is celebrating her 22nd birthday.
May u be happy always! :)
Here are the things u should know,
First, I miss u loads, darl. Seriously. Hope we can meet soon.
Second, u r the best roommate I've ever had. (Since u r the only roommate I ever had. LOL)
Third, wish u always be a better person.

Last but not least, may we always be friends.

Well, today is Indonesia's 66th independence day.
No matter what the conflict and issues about this country. Still, I LOVE INDONESIA.

I bet million people outside there know the Taylor Swift malfunction wardrobe, huh?
That's so humiliating. But not for a adorable girl like her. Stay calm on the stage. Keep singing. It shows how a true super star act, even though there's a shame scene.
Here is her latest song, Mean. I keep watching and listening, no matter how many times I click the replay button.

Love her dress and make up. Totally her. Aww!! She's pretty and talented. What a perfect life, Swift!

Monday, August 15, 2011

After Home

I was pretty shock the day after I reached home. My neighbor's daughter passed away. My deep condolence. 
I used to play with her, when she's lil girl. She was a cheerful girl. I hope, the family left behind may be more resilient.
May ur soul rest in peace, Amanda.

Im sure, I havent revealed this yet. Next week, Im gonna off to Singapore. And start traveling to China. Honestly, I havent pack anything yet. I dont even think about the outfits yet. Everything still seems like dream. It's holiday! Well, I mean a REAL-Holiday. Not just being home. 

I just receive this news. Wiha is going to have a job interview. That means she will go back to Kl. Wish all the best to u, my dear. I hope I can see my besties ASAP! I miss them lots! 

Well, not much about this post.
Ps. I got piano class at 4pm.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Girls outing

Yesterday, we went to Sunway, had our dinner @Fong Lye.
The outfit, well, it seems like Im overdressed. So what!? Since Im a fashion student. LOL!

@Fong Lye.

Shopping is the activity I enjoyed the most. But without money, it's so depressing. 
Yeah! My savings is in BIG crisis. So I just bought a ring.
Not much about the outing. I'd rather call it dine out.

I saw this as my friend profile pic. And it just caught my attention. MYGOD! Love her, eventhough I dont know her.
She has the eyes, whover will fall into.
I wonder, if I could have a baby girl like her. LOL!

Ps. Im going back home tomorrow..
Pss. Still have no plans for coming back to Malaysia.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Birthday Girls

GIRLS!? Ya~ There are two girls birthday. Both of them is my best best best friend.
Happy Belated day to Diana, my housemate. May all your dreams come true.
Ps. I havent write it on my blog, right?

Me and Wiha planned these all. Starting from buy the present, reserved the seat for our dinner, and buy the cake. Yup! We celebrated  it at BBQ Plaza.

The Birthday Girl, Diana 

And today, is exactly the birthday of my high school friend, Michella. Though, Im not by ur side. U know, I'll wish u a happy birthday. May u live a happy life.

Happy Birthday baby Michelle. All the best! Love from here. 
I wish u..
- Be a better person this year.
- Stay healthy.
- Success for your job.
- Always smile cheerfully everyday.

Well, Im not a person who's good at wishing. But still, I always wish the best for u. May this year be a better year and make u more mature to life.