Friday, December 23, 2011

What's in her bag?

Christmas is coming

Lil bit story about my first day working. Well, I could say I might be totally blur in today's meeting. Seriously I barely know anything about marketing of a magazine. Somehow, I know there might be a lot of things for me to learn. And still a long way to understand what is real life like. Yeah! Keep fighting, lil! Today I saw so many things beyond my thoughts. As u know, I was like being protected under college, and now Im officially into new world. Say hello to hell. LOL!

Yes! Christmas is coming. A sweet holiday to celebrate with beloved ones. I dont  know if u feel the same. Every special occasion happening, it reminds me of how it happened last year. Like now, Christmas is coming. I guess nothing special will happen this year. I mean ya! I have no friends to celebrate with. Unlike last year. I could say that was the best Christmas I ever had. Just look at my post last Christmas. Though I had to work, but somehow I enjoyed it. After my night-tiring-shift, me and Wiha just sitting at Starbucks, talking and waiting for cab.
Well, it probably not so special. At least, I have someone to talk with. I dont know if this Christmas will be as great as last year.
And it soon makes me realized of how much I missed the things I used to do or have.

So Christmas, it suppose to be peace, snowy, lots of laughter on the streets, people holding candle along the streets. (well, may be I watched too much drama LOL) And it doesnt work in here. I mean in Indonesia. Cuz there will be no SNOW at all.
But, I still hope this Christmas will bring me joy. :)

Merry Christmas, fellas! (edited by my lovely sista)

ps. this is sucks, something wrong with my lappy. It keeps dint responding, and my itunes cant working. Really need to fix this mess up.

pss. my besties, Christine was just graduated and had a final fashion show. Congrats dear! Finally u completed ur diploma.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mommy's Day

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my extraordinary mom. Love you always! :)
I miss her so much. And I should wait till next year to see her again. No matter what, you always stay in my heart forever, mom!

And second thing is, today was also my Dad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY! Wish u long life, stay healthy and be awesome as always. :D
I wish I could celebrate this day with my beloved one. In fact, Im too far from them. *sigh!
Never mind, my prayers be with u. :)
Heart them both! 

Well, starting by tomorrow, Im officially working. So, welcome new life!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Space

Hey! I just moved to a new room. And this gonna be my come-back-post! Well, I might be writing again. 
After lots of suffering, I finally could start my life again. Not to exaggerate, but my life is pretty sucks back then. LOL!

So, this is my new room. Honestly it's my first time sleep alone in a room. 
I used to have roommate and my sister keep company. Not anymore.
Superb love my wardrobe!

Ah! My desk still lil messy. Problem is I forgot buy some stuffs. Well, I wrote them all in notes. 
Somehow, I just dint manage to complete the list.
Ok then, cu on the post. 
ps. may be I'll be start working next week. Wish me luck! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Woooow! I have been waiting to come back. But I never had the right time. So, here I am now.
Miss writing so much! Lot of things happened lately.
Im now living in Jakarta. Well, still not official.

I had so much fun here. Together with my cousin. Her name is SELLY. So who is she? And how she look like?
After a long boring day at home, we finally decided to travel Grand Indonesia, which have been haunted us is SHOPPING!
Seriously, we spent bucks of money.

Start by late lunch, because of the taxi. It's true Jakarta is identical of the traffic jam. Even not in the busy hour, the road seems so crowd. We were in taxi for around hours. We were having our lunch @Pasta de Waraku. Honestly, the food is just so so.

Dunno why, I think I will a make a good couple with her. HAHA! We are just so fit each other. LOL!

Ah! Really love this. Outfit by ZARA!!

Last but not least, my everlasting smile <3

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pretz Birthday!

"Happy Birthday, Khe Kia. Mamak loves you, always do :) "

Mamak wish u,
More mature to face life.
Be a better person.
May u find someone soon aka. Mario Maurer. LOL!
Can get rid all your assignment.
Most of all, I wish u stay healthy and be happy always.

Have I told u how much I love October? LOADS! Most lovely person in my life celebrate their birthday on October.
Im gonna say

"Happy Birthday, Tajie. Mamak loves you, and always will :) "

Though your birthday hasnt arrived yet. Let me just wishing you. (read: Im going to Penang tomorrow. So I cant post it on time.)

Mamak wish u,
Always happy as usual u do.
Find a better man, so u can forget that bastard!
May u finish all the garments asap!
Could be what u want all this time (Money slap! LOL)
Most of all, may we be friends till we grey.

Last but not least, to Wiha. I know your birthday has past. But as Mamak, I should fair.  HAHA!

No matter what, we will be friends forever.
Love prets!! :D

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bed Time Stories

Cooking Day

What's up readers? I've come back! XD

Cooking Day? Well, as many people think, I cant cook.
And I cook. Yes, I did it.

Corn Flakes

Fettucini for Dinner

Im giving myself 8 score out of 10 for my cook. Haha! I just love it. Eventhough, my sister complain about the fettucini. It's kind of hard. Like a rubber. LOL! I'll make it better next time.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Beyond my limit

I've been thinking about life lately. How things go wrong. And it's kind disappoint me.
I keep thinking things will go well. In fact, its not. 

My life has been turned up and down recently. Sometimes, I feel there's something I used to hold, and now it just gone. 
I dont know what. Probably something important. Desire. Passion of life. 
I feel so far from the things I love. Well, it might be person.

First, I missed my besties like hell. Not just them but the feeling surround them. U know, cheer, laugh, talk, yaa~ girls stuff.
I remembered most of the nights we spent, chatting all the night, having our crazy supper which late at night. 
No much to worry, though there were tons of assignment. Who care? In the middle of the pressure time, we still could chill somewhere, even just for a meal. God! I realized how much they meant to me. Well, Im not being exaggerated. Thats true. About how I feel. 

How could life be so cruel? It's true, every meeting will end with farewell. But I do hope for a reunite. And I know we will. 
Second thing which makes me up and down is someone. Well, I could say, Im now a loner. I have no one to share about life. Yes, I have my family around. But still, this thing is too sensitive. It's a heart trouble. 

Okay, enough. Life is tough. I just dont understand, how could things turned so bad at once. 
U know u were on the top of happiness, the next second u realized u have been throw to the ground. Pathetic.

No matter what, thanks for everything. At least Im now could officially say a goodbye. Well, not that sad wave goodbye.
For some reason, it will always stay in my heart. U know I will and always do.
May I see the happiness soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Joyeuses FĂȘtes

Hello bloggers. This gonna be a post of my incredible holiday. Honestly, I have hundreds of photos to be upload. 
Well, just cut the crap. 
I bet pictures tell more than word. 

♥ Disney