Friday, October 29, 2010

Pineapple Head

Miss u bloggers! :)
Here, I wanna share my life story! Yeah~ AGAIN!

Tell me who dont miss that moment?
A moment when we still dont know how scary is this world.
The time we enjoyed.
Hm~ when I open an old album, see my pictures, and how do I look now?
I grown up! Everything changed! Except one. Me inside!

Here my pic, when I was a little!
Me with my bro! :)

How? Do I look cute when I was kid? LOL~

I remembered my Grandma. (A mom to Papi)
She died long time ago. When I was about 3 years.
I know she loves me so much. So do I.

I have a story. Here we go~

So when I was a kid, I only have a thin hairs.
And my Grandma worried about that.
So she took me to saloon. And perm my hair. LOL~
How can a kid perm her hair? Damn funny!
I look so curly that time.
That's why my grandma called me "pineapple head" that time.
Bcuz my hair looks like pineapple. HAHA!

Then one day, my maid stole my money box!
She took away all my money inside.
Well, I dont have much money that time.
But yeaaah~ It's my saving!!
So I cried along the day.

And the next day, when I just came back from school.
Grandma told me, "I got something for u, go ahead to the kitchen. I put it there."
So I ran to the kitchen.
I found a green pineapple money box

Since that day, I save my money there.
After Grandma passed away, my bro and I were going to split the money box with a RULER!
How stupid we are! LOL~
And mom told us, better keep the money box like that.

U know what!?
I can see the money inside through the small space.
And it's cool,when I see old money which isnt exist now.

Thanks Grandma,
for leaving me a memorable money box.
So I can keep the memory between us inside whenever I miss u.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fixing Me

I feel so BAD today!
For something I've done.
I swear, from today on, I'll try to think positively, and never judge something on my own.
Sometimes, I dont understand what's life really mean.
I used to think anything on my own, without any further thought.
I know I am wrong. TRULY WRONG!!!
And what I found after that is, REGRET
Nothing can bring me back. And fix what I've done.
Well, it's true. People said, Regret comes late!
Everyone did mistake, but only some did the same.
And Im not gonna be part of the "some".

Well, yesterday is Stephanie's birthday. 
We make-up her like crazy! LOL~
I've tried to upload the video on Youtube. 
But I dunno y, it dint work!
*may b I'll try later.

And, tomorrow is my lovely sista's birthday!
Same date with Christine.
See? So many friends birthday on October!
Ooh! Yeah~ My bro also celebrate his birthday yesterday.
I just text him! I hope I can celebrate it there together with my family.
In fact, Im in KL now. Huh~
But dont worry, Bro!
I got present for u. Wait till I go back. :D

Huff~ AGAIN! About my assignment. Ooh~ GOD!
Im dying! SERIOUSLY!
I dont think I can done it.
Im totally dying~ :(
Well, my birthday is coming! 2nd November.
The day after that is the deadline of my second garment.
See? I'll be so busy before that day!
And I'd better do it faster, or I wont sleep on that day!
Mamiiii~ I really need HELP!!
Okay! Nothing to worry,Lil~
Im gonna finish it all ASAP.
And going home!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A piece of memories

This is another pieces of my journey called LIFE.

I really miss my schoolmates!
And when I opened my drawer,I found a diary. Which they wrote for me.

Ooh~ Really miss them!
We are now separate by distance. Huff~ Hope we will meet up someday. 
So we love to eat! And taste any tasty food after school.
And here are our nickname.

.Angel. as Babond
.Mimi. as Bubond
.Me. as Abond
Weird? It got a loooong story. Hehehe~
They left me letters before I leave to Malaysia.




Hm, we got same diary. And I also write for them. 
*Sorry! I dont have their diaries' pictures.

Our friendship will last forever.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another wise word

" Dont waste time for those who dont really expect u.
That must be so silly!
But appreciate people around u and care about u. 
They might worthy.
Sometimes people close to u arent really around u.
And they dont understand how to appreciate things, till they feel lost. "

Monday, October 18, 2010

Black.Beary, My DIARY!

When people have BLACKBERRY, I have BLACKBEARY!
Yeah! I named my diary, BLACKBEARY.
Why? Funny? I know,hah!
So~ I bought Beary last year April 30th.
And I started write on him. I write every special moment in my life.
About my family, friends, and my love!
All about privacy which I cant write on my blog.
Sometimes, I write till I spill my tears!
I write all the emotion which I cant control.
Whether it's my happiness or sadness.
 Why I named him BLACKbeary!? See? The paper inside is black color! (Dont judge my diary as DeathNote,please! LOL)
I write down my story with silver pen. I dont know, I just feel it cool! Hahaha~
Thanks for hearing all my thought, BlackBeary!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Im not a fan of YELLOW. But I dint say I dont like that color.

Dedicated to people who loves YELLOW.

Gothic Mood

I just get back from fabric hunting. Exhausted!!

Guess what!? I spent a lot of money for my project. Huh~
I prefer spend my money for shopping actually. LOL!
I bought so many fabric for my project. And I'll be busy these weeks!
REALLY!! Super duper busy! Huff~
And Im ready for this garment. Hope so. Hahah!

I remember I promise my friend to upload my gothic photos.
But I cant online last nite bcuz of internet connection problem.

These photos actually are old-stuffs in my folder. But yeah~ I just post it.
And this is a photography project to Wiha. And she asked me to be her model.
So yeaaah~

So what do u think?
Scary? Sexy? Mysterious? Hahaha~
Feel free to drop a comment.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I already done my first garment!
Thanks God!!! :D *though I have to fix it somewhere!
But yea!! Today photoshoot done well.
Thanks to Sunaryo, who willing to be my model. :)
(be prepared for the next photoshoot! Hohoh!)

Ooh! As usual we snap snap and snap!! Yeyy!

My partner being mad, Christine! LOL~

Well, it's time to think about second garment. AVANT GARDE, baybeh!!
Huff! I must be crazy for this final. FOR SURE!!
Okay. Okay. Calm down! At least I have finished one garment.
What I feel today is RELIEF!! My hard work was paid for.
I slept around 5am yesterday bcuz of that men's wear.
Well, im done for men's shirt yea!

I suddenly miss my aunty. Dunno y!
She's a sister to Papi. And she's not married.
When I woke up, I just remember her, and I called her.
Keep talking make me miss her MORE!!!
I love her so much yeah~
She always support me. And she took care of me when I was a kid.
And what I've done to her?
I'll when I have a chance. Whenever is it. Yeah!!

And I wish, she stay HEALTHY and SPIRITED!
I Love You~