Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sydney Opera House

Hello universe. :)
*just gave u warm smile!

Im gonna talk about Sydney Opera House. May be most of u know about it and even u've been there.
So what connection between me and Opera House?
Because, I pick Sydney Opera House as my inspiration for my final project.
My main theme is architecture actually. 

The history of Sydney Opera House is awkward.
Let me tell u. (Though u can read it yourself at wikipedia) LOL~

So there was a competition in 1940s. And Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect, is the winner, was announced in 1955. Utzon then left the project, lack of collaboration caused his resignation. Finally, Sydney Opera House was formally opened by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia in 1973. U know what? Jorn was not invited. Nor was his name mentioned. If that case was me, I really dont know what Im gonna do. Dissapointed? OF COURSE! (Luckily it was not me!) Then in 2007, the first interior space designed by Jorn, was opened. And renamed "The Utzon Room" in his honour. 

Well, I never know. I mean we never know something which is so famous and legendary will have a complicated history, dont we? Im sure every thing in this world, whether it was a discovery or invention, must have a HISTORY. 

And what the connection between Sydney Opera House and FASHION?
Okay! There was some designer, who was inspired by Sydney Opera House. 
And they just inspired me! Especially TOVAH!
Well, to be honest, I really have no idea about who she is. So I did research.
(Research always work!) 

She is a fashion student. She always get inspiration from industrial design and architecture (No wonder her design is awesome). And she became the winner on Inspiration Award 2010 for Triumph.

Look! She moved the Opera Sydney House on a body!

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