Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Im comin' home

Im coming home, Im coming home. Tell the world Im coming home. =)
Yes! Im going back to my hometown. Finally, after a long long journey of my final semester. 
There'r so much fun waiting for me. Im sure. Though, I know I'll be missing my besties. 

I have done packing my stuffs. God! It's a LOTS! And still not half of my stuffs. LOL!
Anyway, I probably wont be posting as much as I did. But, I'll try my best to keep posting. 


Monday, June 27, 2011

Fashion Quotes

Learn from mistake

Finally, everything has been confirmed. Ya! About the ticket issues. Honestly, it was kinda disappointed me. I just want to say, "No matter what happens, depend on yourself. Never throw responsible to another. Cuz there's none of their business."

Fine! At least, I achieved something from this case. Experience. There's always a lesson behind a mistake. So, learn from it. That is not ur fault, if u did a mistake. Everybody does. But if u did it again, that's ur choice. 
Of course, Im regret of this kind of shit. But, still. Everything happens for a reason. Im sure, this reason will help me in the future. What else? PATIENCE! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011


First of all, it was my fault. Being careless. :(
I dont know what happened to me lately. Everything that happen turned into shit. Everything I've done is totally stupid!
My besties told me, may be I was having a problem in my head. And cant get rid of it. Well, I hope so. But honestly, I have nothing in my mind. I mean "problem".
Let me start the sucks story of my life lately. 
This month is the worst month I ever had. May be Im senile. I keep forgot bring the hairband when I was doing the photoshoot of my first garment. Even for my final presentation. See? How stupid I was!
Well, that's nothing to compare with this one.
I asked my mom to buy flight ticket for my graduation ceremony. Somehow, I was told that the date changed. Well, never mind. Then I asked my mom to reschedule the flight. DONE!
U know what? In the end, the graduation date changed back. MYGOD! Im speechless. I keep thinking, what if I dint ask my mom to change the schedule. Then nothing to worry. Regret comes late. But at least, my parents will be on the fashion show. I mean the ticket can be used for my fashion show. Though, I know, my dad wouldnt be happy for that. 

Things dint stop there. I faced a lot of that kind of bad luck recently. Just skipped that small part. Here comes the biggest stupidness I've ever done.
Last nite, I bought a flight ticket going back to my hometown. Well, I was supposed to be happy. But Im not. U know, shit did happen!
I dont know whether it's my internet connection problem or the flight centre. It said, an error occurred. FINE! I thought the transaction failed. 
So, I asked my sister to buy another ticket. After awhile, I received TWO emails. Saying that I just bought two tickets. Which are the first transaction I did myself. And my sister did. OMG!!! Oh! It's not JUST TWo tickets. It's FOUR! Including my friend one.
How am I supposed to do!? I tried called the service centre. They said, they cant do anything, whether it's refund or cancel the ticket. F*CK!! 
Im so stressed!! Why this happened to me? Isnt the first case enough for me to learn?

Honestly, I understand, that was all MY FAULT! I cant be patient. I mean, things can wait, dont they? And how stupid I was being careless everytime. 
I know, there must be a lesson behind a mistake. And I learnt. But please, Im so DONE with this. 
Ps: I still wish for the best. Whether the flight centre could cancel my tickets or just refund it. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kitten Kay Sera

Who's Kay? I bet most of u dont know who she is. I was just browsing. And I found this. 
She is a pink lady! 46-years old actress from Los Angeles. Everything she owns is in PINK color. She even dressed in pink, going to funeral. And dumped a guy because he cant appreciate pink. 

Since I was a PINK LOVERS, I admit, I'd like to have a life like her. Not all, probably only stuffs. Cuz, Im still in love with other color rather than pink. LOL!

 OH!! Pretty mac ♥ I want you badly!! XD

I want 'em all! XD


I feel like I want write something. But I dont know what to write. Pretty weird, huh? 
Or may be I could just share my life tale lately? Not much. Im pretty enjoying it. Of course without assignment. Though, I still have some to be done. But I dont feel like I wanna touch any of them. Im so sick of assignment. I watched a lot of drama series lately. Pretty Little Liars. To be honest, that movie makes me a bit stressed! Watching it, make me tired of guessing the suspect.  So I stopped watching that, whenever I think that was enough. Let's not talk about that movie. Jeez!
Im bored. And totally blur about my days. 

Just browsing youtube and found this. I've been listening to this song thousand times lately. Just keep listening it over and over again. Yea! Britney is back! She has a lots of drama in her life. And left them all behind. Good! She is now back to stage. Be a real diva. 

Tell u what!? I miss him badly. But seems like no one cares, huh? :(
*sigh~ Cheer up Lil!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer is knocking

Hey! What's up? Hope everyone's been doing good. :)

This post should be publish yesterday. But I was kinda busy. Well, this will be just another outings with my besties. Truth to be told, it was boring at the beginning. Because I was sleepy. And Christine has heartburn. 

We went to Midvalley. Having lunch there @Sushi King. But seems like Sushi is not the best option to choose while we were starving. 

This is Northpoint. Im not sure what's exactly the place is. Got a Sony customer service there. Christine want to repair her laptop screen. Nice place, huh?

As usual, we should have our tea time ceremony. This time we spend time @The Gardens cafe. Since Christine is not feeling well, she should have a hot tea. The jar and cup looks perfect for our evening. LOL!

Here comes the exciting part of the day. What else? SHOP! 
Remember I was looking for orange outfits? Finally! I bought a pants in orange! Awaw! Love it! Love it! XD

This will be another inspiration. I found it in my blog dashboard. Tomato to wear
Say HELLO to SUMMER, my dear! ♥

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Pierces - Secret

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won't tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of them is dead…

Why do you smile 
Like you have told a secret
Now you're telling lies
Cause you're the one to keep it
But no one keeps a secret
No one keeps a secret
Why when we do our darkest deeds
Do we tell?
They burn in our brains
Become a living hell
Cause everyone tells
Everyone tells…

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won't tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of the m is dead…

Look into my eyes
Now you're getting sleepy
Are you hypnotized
By secrets that you're keeping?
I know what you're keeping
I know what you're keeping

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won't tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of the m is dead…

Yes, Katherine.
I have something I want to tell you, but
you have to promise to never tell anyone.
I promise
Do you swear on your life?
I swear on my life
[end spoken]

You swore you'd never tell…
You swore you'd never tell…

You swore you'd never tell…
You swore you'd never tell…

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won't tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of the m is dead…
(chorus x 3)

Yes two can keep a secret
If one of us is…. Dead.


This is just another outings with my girls. We went to Sunway Pyramid today. Just to chill out. Having lunch @Fong Lye. It is not the first time I tasted the food. But Christine does. 
We chatted a lot there. Topic is still the madness of yesterday that I did. U know that. MIST! MYGOD! I hope everyone could just forget about that nite. Im kinda shy! LOL!

U know, girls love to do that. Taking picture in front of big mirror. Where own that? TOILET! XD

We used to enjoy out tea time for sure. And Cinnabon always the right place to spend time. 

We dint shop much today. We were looking for ORANGE color actually. SUMMER is so in now. Green and orange are favorite these days. But we find nothing but accessories @forever21. We bought a couple necklace. Not couple. I'd dather say it FRIENDSHIP. Sorry! I dint have that picture. Maybe next time? 
Here is the ring I just bought. And I wear it afterward I bought it. 
J' adore ♥

Our day wont be perfect without movie, huh? Yup! Sure, we watched a movie. BLITZ starring Jason Statham. My forever idol. He's more than cool to me. Sexy? Definitely. He always look cool in his every movies. Except CRANK! That was pretty sucks. Blitz is ok. I mean story is not bad. Well, he's not as cool as he was in Transporter or The Mechanic. But still, his voice always make me melting. LOL!

I have problem with my skin. I dont know what's that exactly. Probably allergic? Hope that was just allergic. I hope that is not something serious. Please! I hate being sick. I keep scratching myself. OMG! I have to stop. Or otherwise, it will leave scar. NO!!! I would never wish for that. Well, I bought a medicated talc. Hope it works. 

I have something on my mind. I made a call to my mom this morning. And she asked me again, about my study and everything. I really wish I could continue my study. But yet, I still dunno where. Should I really take business? Im confuse. Cuz I never love counting. But who knows that'll fun? So should I just make a shot? 

Talking about future is not easy. We keep thinking and deciding. In the end, there's always a way better than what we thought. Ah~ better I continue watching Pretty Little Liars. Im really into that series. Im wondering how will be the ending. But it seems nothing revealed till the end of season one. ARGH!

Monday, June 20, 2011


First of all, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, PAPII!! Love u always and forever. Wishing always happy and stay healthy.

So, we went to club. And had much fun there. I admit, I drunk a bit! Well, perhaps more than a bit. I keep talking and laughing. But I dint know what Im laughing at. OMG! That was awful. All I can feel is my head spinning around. That's not only me who get drunk. Diana too. She is worse than me. LOL! But yaeah, we had fun!
Dancing, singing, drinking and laughing. Here's the pictures. Because it was dark, some pictures are bluuuur.

 Well, those are pictures we took before we going. We look good. I mean really good. Compare with after party! LOL~

So, here we are. Rock the club and get crazy together. Well, this is actually a farewell party with my classmate. Somehow, there were friends I've just met.

When we headed home, we stopped at Mc Donald. Wiha told me, that I cant even feed myself. LOL! So she helped me. Thanks dear! :*
I sleep right away after I laid on bed. 

Another this is, what I've done since this morning is just laid on my bed, and watching Pretty Little Liars. I had no time to watch it. And finally, I made it. I can say Pretty Little Liars is not as awesome as Gossip Girl. Still, I prefer the GG wardrobe. Somehow, I love the story. Lots of mistery.