Friday, July 30, 2010

End of July.. End of Holiday

Feels like dream. Tomorrow, yea tomorrow. Im going back to Malaysia.
Continue my college living. 
One month gone so fast. The 1st day I arrived in Indonesia, I felt bored. And really miss how I live in KL.
And now? hh~ I dun want go back. ><~
But i have to. 
Well, just be positive.

I'll start new semester. With new spirit. New collection of my fashion garments.
When I look back, I just knew dat it almost 2 years I was studying in KL. 
Time passed so fast,huh?

Let's start new semester cheerfully.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Last time i wrote is about one month ago.
1 month?
So many things happened in one month.
I went to Jakarta with my Mom n my sister.
We shopped a lot!!!
Well, my holiday was great.
Guess wadd?
I also visit bandung. Bandung? Such a romantic place. Especially The Valley.
It is a restaurant which provide a lots of food from some countries.
But the most great part from The valley is the view.
I can really extremely saw Bandung at night.
Can u imagine thousands of lights (may be) from top of somewhere.
Amazing? Awesome?

I also went to Rumah Mode.
It's a boutique with branded stuffs. Of course with lower price.
And i was quite interested by the food in Rumah Mode.
Food? Yaah~ always about dat thing. hohoho~

Ok then..
dat was about my holiday in Bandung.
Gotta go~
I got piano class..