Monday, October 11, 2010


I already done my first garment!
Thanks God!!! :D *though I have to fix it somewhere!
But yea!! Today photoshoot done well.
Thanks to Sunaryo, who willing to be my model. :)
(be prepared for the next photoshoot! Hohoh!)

Ooh! As usual we snap snap and snap!! Yeyy!

My partner being mad, Christine! LOL~

Well, it's time to think about second garment. AVANT GARDE, baybeh!!
Huff! I must be crazy for this final. FOR SURE!!
Okay. Okay. Calm down! At least I have finished one garment.
What I feel today is RELIEF!! My hard work was paid for.
I slept around 5am yesterday bcuz of that men's wear.
Well, im done for men's shirt yea!

I suddenly miss my aunty. Dunno y!
She's a sister to Papi. And she's not married.
When I woke up, I just remember her, and I called her.
Keep talking make me miss her MORE!!!
I love her so much yeah~
She always support me. And she took care of me when I was a kid.
And what I've done to her?
I'll when I have a chance. Whenever is it. Yeah!!

And I wish, she stay HEALTHY and SPIRITED!
I Love You~

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