Monday, October 18, 2010

Black.Beary, My DIARY!

When people have BLACKBERRY, I have BLACKBEARY!
Yeah! I named my diary, BLACKBEARY.
Why? Funny? I know,hah!
So~ I bought Beary last year April 30th.
And I started write on him. I write every special moment in my life.
About my family, friends, and my love!
All about privacy which I cant write on my blog.
Sometimes, I write till I spill my tears!
I write all the emotion which I cant control.
Whether it's my happiness or sadness.
 Why I named him BLACKbeary!? See? The paper inside is black color! (Dont judge my diary as DeathNote,please! LOL)
I write down my story with silver pen. I dont know, I just feel it cool! Hahaha~
Thanks for hearing all my thought, BlackBeary!

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