Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Aloha! Im supeeer dupeeer busy lately!!
I have to finish my first garment by next week!!
OMG!! I need more time!!
Well, Im gonna finish men's wear first.
Cuz it's a simply design. LOL!

Keep fighting, Lil!!
I know I can do better. And I know Im lazy enough to do my best. Hah!

Im now sem five ady. And one last sem for me!
I dont know whether Im ready to done FIVE garments!! For my final fashion show.
Im so bluuur abot that.
Just hope I can pass this sem better. That's enough!

I just realized that, time around me gone so fast.
When I look back, I was like, "Oh~ I was remember that I've just complete my foundation!"
But.. TADAAA!!! Here I am.
With a lot of works to be done.
In the end of my diploma. Huhuhu~

So I think I have to enjoy my college life as much as I can.
Though it's about my biggest enemy.

1 comment:

  1. keep the spirit ..
    you definitely can ..
    Keep fighting, Lil!!