Friday, October 29, 2010

Pineapple Head

Miss u bloggers! :)
Here, I wanna share my life story! Yeah~ AGAIN!

Tell me who dont miss that moment?
A moment when we still dont know how scary is this world.
The time we enjoyed.
Hm~ when I open an old album, see my pictures, and how do I look now?
I grown up! Everything changed! Except one. Me inside!

Here my pic, when I was a little!
Me with my bro! :)

How? Do I look cute when I was kid? LOL~

I remembered my Grandma. (A mom to Papi)
She died long time ago. When I was about 3 years.
I know she loves me so much. So do I.

I have a story. Here we go~

So when I was a kid, I only have a thin hairs.
And my Grandma worried about that.
So she took me to saloon. And perm my hair. LOL~
How can a kid perm her hair? Damn funny!
I look so curly that time.
That's why my grandma called me "pineapple head" that time.
Bcuz my hair looks like pineapple. HAHA!

Then one day, my maid stole my money box!
She took away all my money inside.
Well, I dont have much money that time.
But yeaaah~ It's my saving!!
So I cried along the day.

And the next day, when I just came back from school.
Grandma told me, "I got something for u, go ahead to the kitchen. I put it there."
So I ran to the kitchen.
I found a green pineapple money box

Since that day, I save my money there.
After Grandma passed away, my bro and I were going to split the money box with a RULER!
How stupid we are! LOL~
And mom told us, better keep the money box like that.

U know what!?
I can see the money inside through the small space.
And it's cool,when I see old money which isnt exist now.

Thanks Grandma,
for leaving me a memorable money box.
So I can keep the memory between us inside whenever I miss u.