Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fixing Me

I feel so BAD today!
For something I've done.
I swear, from today on, I'll try to think positively, and never judge something on my own.
Sometimes, I dont understand what's life really mean.
I used to think anything on my own, without any further thought.
I know I am wrong. TRULY WRONG!!!
And what I found after that is, REGRET
Nothing can bring me back. And fix what I've done.
Well, it's true. People said, Regret comes late!
Everyone did mistake, but only some did the same.
And Im not gonna be part of the "some".

Well, yesterday is Stephanie's birthday. 
We make-up her like crazy! LOL~
I've tried to upload the video on Youtube. 
But I dunno y, it dint work!
*may b I'll try later.

And, tomorrow is my lovely sista's birthday!
Same date with Christine.
See? So many friends birthday on October!
Ooh! Yeah~ My bro also celebrate his birthday yesterday.
I just text him! I hope I can celebrate it there together with my family.
In fact, Im in KL now. Huh~
But dont worry, Bro!
I got present for u. Wait till I go back. :D

Huff~ AGAIN! About my assignment. Ooh~ GOD!
Im dying! SERIOUSLY!
I dont think I can done it.
Im totally dying~ :(
Well, my birthday is coming! 2nd November.
The day after that is the deadline of my second garment.
See? I'll be so busy before that day!
And I'd better do it faster, or I wont sleep on that day!
Mamiiii~ I really need HELP!!
Okay! Nothing to worry,Lil~
Im gonna finish it all ASAP.
And going home!

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