Friday, October 22, 2010

A piece of memories

This is another pieces of my journey called LIFE.

I really miss my schoolmates!
And when I opened my drawer,I found a diary. Which they wrote for me.

Ooh~ Really miss them!
We are now separate by distance. Huff~ Hope we will meet up someday. 
So we love to eat! And taste any tasty food after school.
And here are our nickname.

.Angel. as Babond
.Mimi. as Bubond
.Me. as Abond
Weird? It got a loooong story. Hehehe~
They left me letters before I leave to Malaysia.




Hm, we got same diary. And I also write for them. 
*Sorry! I dont have their diaries' pictures.

Our friendship will last forever.

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