Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gothic Mood

I just get back from fabric hunting. Exhausted!!

Guess what!? I spent a lot of money for my project. Huh~
I prefer spend my money for shopping actually. LOL!
I bought so many fabric for my project. And I'll be busy these weeks!
REALLY!! Super duper busy! Huff~
And Im ready for this garment. Hope so. Hahah!

I remember I promise my friend to upload my gothic photos.
But I cant online last nite bcuz of internet connection problem.

These photos actually are old-stuffs in my folder. But yeah~ I just post it.
And this is a photography project to Wiha. And she asked me to be her model.
So yeaaah~

So what do u think?
Scary? Sexy? Mysterious? Hahaha~
Feel free to drop a comment.


  1. cool ..
    why do you not become a magician.
    he3 ...
    definitely more cool ..

    mysterious, cool, sexy ..
    I liked this one ..
    he3 ...
    ^. ^
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