Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Dinner

Honestly, I dont know where to start my story. This is THE GREATEST WEEKEND I've ever had. Many things happened in these past days. I'll start my post day by day.

Friday, 15th July 2011
They arrived around 4pm. We spend three hours, talking in parents room. Then we decided go to Pavilion. Having our dinner there. My dad already requested that he wanted eat at Crystal Jade-Kitchen. He missed the congee. 
Bad thing is, we had two hours traffic jam. Damn! That was the first time we need two hours to reach Pavilion. 
Fortunately, my dad dint complain much. Haha! 

 My smiling papa♥ =)
Heart them

Saturday, 16th July 2011
Let me just skip my graduation ceremony. Since I havent get the complete photos to share. We were all busy since the morning began. Till the evening. I brought my parents to BBQ Plaza. To celebrate my graduation. I know, my dad loves to eat meat. We had a good time. Grilled and talked. 

See? How cute mamii is. She doesnt even care with camera since there were lots of food to be enjoyed. XD

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