Saturday, July 23, 2011

Creativity in Motion 2011

There's only one word for this final fashion show. AWESOME!
Awesome show. Awesome collection. Awesome classmates. Awesome guest. Everything is awesome. 
This is my second runway. As my final show. 

Unfortunately, there's only one garment on the show. But still, I feel grateful. 

U have no idea of how nervous I was last night. Just to be on the stage with my model. This is the first time I walked up the stage. As a designer. Cuz, I used to work at backstage. Somehow, it's cool to be there. Everyone look on me. And the blitz of camera is just so irritating my eyes. But, I love how it goes. Im proud of myself. 

And it's time to shoot with my classmates. It's been three years we were struggling with assignment. Honestly, Im so done with sewing and everything. Perhaps, I should learn more about marketing and merchandising. Yup!
No matter what, I love all these guys. They're all rock!!

All I want to say is, Im gonna miss u guys. And hope we will meet soon We are all doing great. Xoxo!
As usual here's the thanks-list.
1. The Lord, who has make these all happen. Without u, this is just a plan.
2. My parents, though they were not there, but I know they will always pray the best for me.
3. Lecturers and staff, who has helped a lots for this show.
4. My awesome classmates, who has done the best for the collection. Though we had such a hard time, complain about 'this' and 'that'. U know what I mean. LOL!
5. Photographer and media. Thanks for snapping me and for these pictures.
6. Last but not least, special thanks to Christine, who has helped me shoot a lots of pictures.

Ps. This is just some of my pictures. Will upload more.
Pss. May be in next post

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