Monday, July 18, 2011

Graduation ♥

Saturday, 16th July 2011
Wow! That might be unforgettable-day in my entire life. Graduation day! After a complicated flight ticket issue, finally my parents could come to my graduation day. 

Let me just share the picture, and words later.
This is the tickets to enter the hall. 
Well, as u can see, these pictures where taken at parents room. My mom helped my dad to button the cuff. I dont know how, but it looks like they're new married-couple. LOL!
We were being narcissist before heading to Limkokwing. 

Together with Wiha, we went to school. Having breakfast there. 

 Lovely Housemate, Lovely Classmate ♥

From left to right: Wiha's Dad & Mom - My Mom & Dad.

After taking pictures, we waited at life drawing class, together with all the graduates. Still, Snap snap snap! XD

 My tiring face. Honestly, the robe is so thick, bigger to me. See? We all look like in Harry Potter movie making. LOL!
 Together with my classmate, and photography lecturer.

And this is inside the hall, graduation ceremony.

I was so nervous, when it comes to my turn. Because hundred people will see u on the stage. 

I think the ceremony took around three hours something. And finally we had our dinner. Thanks to Christine for the Ferrero.

 Friendship, forever will 

Here are the pictures taking by polaroid. So one by myself, another one with my parents, last but not least with my besties.

 Flower for my graduation :D
So here are my thanks to:

THE LORD, for always giving me the best of my study. No matter if that is strength to face all the difficulties though these past years.
MY PARENTS, for always supporting me. And give me this chance to study overseas.
MY BROTHER-SISTER, for always cheer me up whenever I complain about my college life.
MY HOUSEMATES who's also MY BESTIES, without u girls, I cant even be here today. They color my life during my study here.
MY CLASSMATES, these three years have been hard to us. We struggle for assignment. Hell yeah!
MY FOUNDATION LECTURERS, FASHION LECTURERS and ASSISTANT LECTURERS, which I cant tell one by one. Too many of them. No matter what, thanks for all the lesson that be given to me. 

Three years dint pass so easily. U see? I keep complaining, mostly about assignment. HAHA! Now, I have to say bye to them. May be, see u next time? 
The hardest thing I could bear with is to be parted from my besties. Though, we havent officially dispart. But Im sure there'll be lots of tears. We passed these years with sweetness and bitterness. Mostly sweet memories perhaps.
Im still wishing that we will still stick around. Cuz we still dont know where the wind will blow.
Okay! Dont talked like this is the end. HAHA! 

However, Im glad Im now graduated. I hope everything I learned, could help me in the future.
Heartiest congratulation to all graduates :)

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