Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Being home

Wow! Im totally surprised when I logged on my blog. The dashboard is absolutely new to me. Since I havent touch my blog for weeks. LOL! Im sorry, I dint update anything recently. Due to the internet connection at my home. Zzz~

But, here I am. :)
So what happened to me during my holiday? A LOTS! 

The day I reached home. I ate my fave food for sure. SATE PADANG!
And many more. Pictures tell more! XD

For God sake, they are all tasted good. I also hang out with my sista. Ah! Miss her already. :(

This Friday, my parents are coming to attend my graduation ceremony. 

Lately, I've been so sensitive talking about my future. Plans? Of course I have. But, I dont know. Seems like it doesnt work. Anyway, I'd like to apply for job. For now. Fighting!

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