Monday, July 18, 2011

Durian & Temple

What's the connection between Durian and Temple? There it is.

Sunday, 17th July 2011
Dont be confuse about the date. Told u, I randomly post my story. 
My parents went to airport in the morning. So I joined Wiha to travel. LOL! 

First, we headed to foothill somewhere near Kajang. Im not sure where it is exactly. 
There were so many kiosk selling Durian. U know what's Durian? It's a fruit.

After that, we climbed up the hill. To a temple. Mygod! There were lot of stairs. 
Tiring!! But u wont regret it when u're in top. The view is extremely fabulous.
The hills, bridge, shrine, everything. 

Here comes there worst part of the day. We visited Wiha's dad's friend's house. LOL!
Complicated, huh? Yeah~ something like that. They keep talking, and me with Wiha just staring at them. Bored o death.
Time feels eternity. Damn! However, it's over. *Deep sigh~

Then, comes the pleasure. For Wiha of course. Her parents dropped us off at LCCT. Soon, she met her boyfriend. 
We chatted a lot. U know, airport always indentical with farewell. Im not sure if she poured some tears.

In fact, that day was a long tiring journey. We start our day by 10am. And reached home late at night.

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