Thursday, July 28, 2011

Old School

Hey! What's up? Tell u my holiday. Nothing is greater than this. Guess what!? 
I spend my whole day watching sinetron lately. Sinetron? Ya, soap opera of Indonesia. Honestly it makes me indignant. How not!? There's lots of sucks scene. Such as, a mother who is dying, but somehow, it doesnt make me pity on her. Instead of hate her. Just because, her acting is repulsive. 

Okay, let's change the topic. Old school? Ya~ this is part of my holiday during my visit to my school. I just accompanied my sister bought some books. And it ended with these pictures. This is the school I went since I was kindergarden. Till high school. For those, my friends who is reading this. I bet u'll back nostalgia.

 This is the canteen. Not big. But still, serve lots of my fondness food.

Well, well, well. This is just the pool for playgroup kid. 
However, I miss my school time. *sigh~

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