Saturday, July 16, 2011

Excessive Dream

Excessive dream? Walt Disney once said,
If u can dream it, You can do it
But is it true? I mean, I dont even have the faith to believe. So where's all the things come?  First, I was just browsing my tumblr. And found out these stuffs. Honestly, as a girl, I do want have them. But the price will choke me to death. HAHA

Do u feel the same? Kyahaha! XD

Next thing is a bit HARD-to-do. I'd like to cut off my hair. May be bob should fit me? Since I have a thick hair. But my parents never allow me to do so. Geez!

Seeing Eiffel tower at night. With my own eyes, my own head! FACE TO FACE (read: not from TV or movies)
I really wish to visit Paris someday. Wait till I have enough saving. But still, I would like to visit Italy as well. Ah! Im a girl with thousand of wishes. 

These things might be a bit reasonable. 
Having my own bedroom with this kind of decoration. Vintage, huh? Kinda so.
May be later, after I find a job and make living on my own.

Eating million of Ferrero Rocher, without having problem on gain weight.

If I have these cupcakes, I swear I'll just put them nicely inside a crystal box. 
It's better to see them like that, than to ruin it. I cant even imagine to munch them. Creepy! Yucks!

Ah~ This wish is a bit childish, or watever people called it. I'd like to ride on ferris wheel instead of white horse. LOL!
Of course with him :)

Btw, tomorrow, I mean THIS MORNING is my graduation day. The worst thing is, I dont even prepare what Im gonna wear yet. Such an idiot. 
But, never mind, since we have to wear the graduation robe. Many people think, that our graduation ceremony will look like Harry Potter. Because we'll be wearing the big black gown. Uh~ Should upload the photo later.
Talking about Potter, I havent watch it yet. Damn!

Anyway, my parents finally could attend my graduation ceremony :D
We had a good dinner. Talked a lot of things. Mostly about my future. I think I should just take fashion marketing & management. 
Hope that'll be the best for me. Though Im not sure yet.

Congratulation to me and all my classmates, we are graduating. After three years suffer and experience. HAHA
Okay, will post more about my graduation things later. 
Bonne nuit!

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