Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photos of me

Still about the IFW. This just random shoot taken by polaroid. First picture is me with Wiha, whom u already know I guess.

And this is Atika. She's my senior in media. She teaches me a lot. And we were having dinner at Chillis, the first day of IFW.

The last day of IFW is kind of hectic. This is Ika Mardika. She's very kind woman. She gave me bread and coffee in the morning. (Thanksss!!) Ah! A lil bit about her. She's the very first person who held fashion show in Indonesia. Back to that year, it was held in Bali and known as Bali Fashion Week. At that time she was motivated to build Indonesia as fashion industry. In short, she's a legend.
And her collection was about pipping. Just look at her blazer.
Her words still echoing in my mind. She told me to be a journalist than a designer. So far, there're hundreds even thousands designers in Indonesia. But a fashion writer? Probably few. May be I'll be one.
Yeah, Im still thinking btw.

I was standing in front of Hammer visual retail. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. ini gambar dr polaroid terus dicapture pake kamera hp ya?

  2. cool!
    mampir jg ya ke blogku