Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Yesterday was the most tiring day of my life during 2012. We went to mall, had a small photoshoot in there. May be it was my fault wearing heels. It left scar on my feet. Hope it recover soon. Afterall, we were having nice time. Early dinner at Mos Burger.

There are 3 sessions of photoshoot. First was held at Sarinah department store. Everything went smoothly. Second shoot was taken in Centro department store in Kelapa Gading. After few hours, we were told that room is being used by other department. So, we packed back our stuffs. Shooting was starting again after 8pm. Superb tired. Everything perfectly sucks when I found my feet is in pain. Not to think twice, I put my heels aside while Im working. Soon, close time for the mall. Everyone already left the mall. Lights been turn off. Means, no one's there. So I just walk without shoes. To  the exit and get in cab. Looks exactly like a lost child. *lol*

Thanks to Mba Atika dan Mas Donang for the harwork. Let's struggle next time.

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