Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Laptop Case

Couple days ago, I feel so bored. And then I remembered my old friend, sewing machine! Yeah, my best friend during my study in Limkokwing. She stays with me till morning arise. Together we work till die. *lol*
Ah! This gonna be my first post about my new label DIY. Well, it’s not very first honestly. If u are my loyal follower, u’ll remember my post about creepo. But due to reality, I already delete that post. (well, not deleted. But keep in draft) Btw, I miss u creepo!
So what Im gonna do this time? A laptop case. 

Choose your favorite fabric. Fabric scissors. Tape measure. Cushion pin. Sewing machine (for those who don’t have this, u can change with just thread and needle. Means, sew by hand.)

First, measure you laptop. Make sure u trace a bigger pattern from the real size. Add 1 inch at the edge of the pattern.
Place your pattern on folded fabric. It’s easier to place the pattern on the folded part. So u don’t have to make extra sewing. (Lazy suggestion. Haha)

Then cut it. And pinned the 1 inch edge. Join the line by sew it either by machine or hand.

U'll have this layer. Fold the layer inside like this picture below.

Pin it and sew.

Done! Simple as that. Well, not really done honestly *embarassed*
It should have zipper. But Im using velvet animal prints, so it's okay to be just like that. Furthermore if u're using this fabric, even u simply cut the edge, the fiber wont come out. Neat as u use leather.

Hope it useful.
Do it yourself!

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