Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Officially back

Sorry for not been here recently. My internet connection has been down such a long time,  and I can say I finally come back. I dint feel like I miss writing, guess why? I write everyday. My job is about write and write. *lol*

So how's life lately? Pretty good. I spent (almost) every weekend with wiha. a.ka. my besties. Truth be told, a lot of money gone with wind. But we had fun. After five days stress out with work, we could enjoy at least one day hanging out.

Btw, did u notice that I post this on morning? Well, I don't wake up this early usually. My new-moved-in housemate is kind of annoying. She turn on her speaker in loud early in the morning. Like she live by herself.
I miss my old days with my besties in KL, having our own apartment. *sigh*

Ps. papi is coming this weekend
Pss. Im attending Indonesia Fashion Week on the same day
Psss. Will be super busy this week.

Happy Wednesday, fella!

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