Monday, August 15, 2011

After Home

I was pretty shock the day after I reached home. My neighbor's daughter passed away. My deep condolence. 
I used to play with her, when she's lil girl. She was a cheerful girl. I hope, the family left behind may be more resilient.
May ur soul rest in peace, Amanda.

Im sure, I havent revealed this yet. Next week, Im gonna off to Singapore. And start traveling to China. Honestly, I havent pack anything yet. I dont even think about the outfits yet. Everything still seems like dream. It's holiday! Well, I mean a REAL-Holiday. Not just being home. 

I just receive this news. Wiha is going to have a job interview. That means she will go back to Kl. Wish all the best to u, my dear. I hope I can see my besties ASAP! I miss them lots! 

Well, not much about this post.
Ps. I got piano class at 4pm.


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