Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Girls outing

Yesterday, we went to Sunway, had our dinner @Fong Lye.
The outfit, well, it seems like Im overdressed. So what!? Since Im a fashion student. LOL!

@Fong Lye.

Shopping is the activity I enjoyed the most. But without money, it's so depressing. 
Yeah! My savings is in BIG crisis. So I just bought a ring.
Not much about the outing. I'd rather call it dine out.

I saw this as my friend profile pic. And it just caught my attention. MYGOD! Love her, eventhough I dont know her.
She has the eyes, whover will fall into.
I wonder, if I could have a baby girl like her. LOL!

Ps. Im going back home tomorrow..
Pss. Still have no plans for coming back to Malaysia.

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