Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Superb BIG Day

How is 17th august is a BIG day?
The most important thing is, my superb besties, WIHA! Is celebrating her 22nd birthday.
May u be happy always! :)
Here are the things u should know,
First, I miss u loads, darl. Seriously. Hope we can meet soon.
Second, u r the best roommate I've ever had. (Since u r the only roommate I ever had. LOL)
Third, wish u always be a better person.

Last but not least, may we always be friends.

Well, today is Indonesia's 66th independence day.
No matter what the conflict and issues about this country. Still, I LOVE INDONESIA.

I bet million people outside there know the Taylor Swift malfunction wardrobe, huh?
That's so humiliating. But not for a adorable girl like her. Stay calm on the stage. Keep singing. It shows how a true super star act, even though there's a shame scene.
Here is her latest song, Mean. I keep watching and listening, no matter how many times I click the replay button.

Love her dress and make up. Totally her. Aww!! She's pretty and talented. What a perfect life, Swift!

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