Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Birthday Girls

GIRLS!? Ya~ There are two girls birthday. Both of them is my best best best friend.
Happy Belated day to Diana, my housemate. May all your dreams come true.
Ps. I havent write it on my blog, right?

Me and Wiha planned these all. Starting from buy the present, reserved the seat for our dinner, and buy the cake. Yup! We celebrated  it at BBQ Plaza.

The Birthday Girl, Diana 

And today, is exactly the birthday of my high school friend, Michella. Though, Im not by ur side. U know, I'll wish u a happy birthday. May u live a happy life.

Happy Birthday baby Michelle. All the best! Love from here. 
I wish u..
- Be a better person this year.
- Stay healthy.
- Success for your job.
- Always smile cheerfully everyday.

Well, Im not a person who's good at wishing. But still, I always wish the best for u. May this year be a better year and make u more mature to life.

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