Monday, May 2, 2011

Heels Day

I never thought that labor day will be so much fun. May be I was just so lucky? 
I planned to watch fast and furious 5 today. But thing doesnt go well. All the ticket were sold out. Dont worry! I have plan B. Wacthing Red Riding Hood. Since I have watched Leighton Meester last week, it's time for Amanda Seyfried. BTW, Im gonna tell u about the story later. Here I wanna share MY STORY first.
We just went to IOI mall, which means the closest mall from my apartment, and a-not-so-big mall. We always wear super casual wear. But we dint this time. We agreed to wear heels. HAHA! *though we walk painfully in the end. U know, beautiful is painful. LOL!

Well, this is Wiha's accessories. she loves owl, doesnt she? Picture tell more.

We were surprised by this. 

Girls always love items-on SALE! I admit I feel dissapointed. I just bought a flats from Vincci. And now it's on sale. 50%!! MYGODNESS! *take a deep breath. FIUH! At least I bought two headbands and one ring! I've hunted this hairband for a long time. And now it's on half-price. GRAB IT FAST!! May be today is the last day. Since it's only 3 days Mega Sale! Thanks God I go there. HAHA! What's make girls happier than grab a cheaper item?  

Three years I've been in Malaysia. And I never tried BBQ Plaza before. Then I decided to try it. I saw a lot of people queue for that. Is that as nice as it seems?
Damn worth! Food are nice. 

This is the pan. A bit different from Seoul garden. But I can say better than Seoul garden.

FYI, I finished up two bowl rice.*psst! I was just too hungry? Or the food are just too yummy? I dont know. HAHA!

Here's some candid! Both of them seems enjoying time. And there's a cute kid!!

Service was also good. We asked the waiter to take picture of us!

Not much about my story. Because we already tired walking on this dead-heels! And here's the movie part. 
I could give 9 of 10 scale for this movie. It was so unpredictable.

As we know, Valerie lost his grandma, and the wolf has been fake as her grandma. In fact, that part was put almost in the end of movie. 
So the wolf is among those human in a small village. And I bet, u wouldnt know who the real wolf was. And u dont even can guess it out. This movie was worth to watch.

After all, there's someone who has catched my eyes. Well, not only me actually. Wiha and Christine also admire this guy.
There was a male-lead character in the movie, named Peter. His real name is Shiloh Fernandez. OMG! He's handsome and awesome. Plus romantic. Everything!!
But I think I saw Robert Pattinson inside him. Dont they look alike?

But the ending of the day, seems not so perfect. Or almost perfect? We planned to go home earlier. So we can doi our assignment. In fact, Im typing this blog. RIGHT NOW! Okay! I will do it ASAP after I finish this post.
It was raining! And we cant get cab! We standing hopeless in front of the mall (read: on the dead-heels). Waiting for cab. But there's none! Till 15 minutes I guess. We ran towards the rain. And get in the cab.

So, I still love my day. Now it's time to meet assignment.

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