Monday, May 9, 2011

Watching and Traveling

1. Letters to Juliet

Actually I've post about this movie. But this time Im gonna tell more. Starring Amanda Seyfried and Chris Egan. Setting in Verona, Italy. This movie brings us to the modern sight of Romeo and Juliet. In fact this movie was in a happy ending. And nobody defy against their love.

What's more important than this balcony? Yup! This makes Verona called as The Romeo and Juliet city.
I can say, this movie is not only romantic, but the places are fascinating. 

2. The Tourist
Started from Paris, France. Angelina Jolie as Elise Ward began her journey to Venice, Italy. That's a beautiful place with ancient building. And of course with the fancy gondola. 

Despite, Jolie dint play any awesome fighting scene as she did in Salt. I could say, she's beautiful in that movie. Totally such a charismatic lady. I think, this movie shouldnt be called action movie. Though, there were Jolie and Depp. I prefer categorized this movie as a romance. 
Le voyage parfait. Le piege parfait.

3. Eat Pray Love
I wonder if Im watching or I was traveling in this movie. Together with Julia Roberts, I found I was in vacation. First stop at Rome, Italy, and layover to Varanasi, India. Finally arrived in Bali, Indonesia. What a great journey. 
Each place brings fun and joy. 

To be honest, I enjoyed Italy part the most. Dreaming of pasta and wine, huh?

4. The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants

Confuse? Dont be! I just wanna tell about Greece. I know the forth of them have a fabulous experience during summer. But let me talk about Leah, who's visiting Greece.
Look! Houses there mostly in white color. Feel peace with the blue ocean and skies.

5. When in Rome
Looking for a lover? Rome might be. But dont be like Kristen Bell, jump in to a fountain and took some fate. May be a city of Roman God will send a handsome guy to u. LOL!
I just realized till this fifth post. Most of the places I wrote, was set in ITALY! MYGOD! Italy is really a MUST PLACE to visit. Of course with the beloved. Just to make sure, it'll be a super romantic trip! HA!

6. Under The Tuscan Sun

Well, I just watched this movie. Almost "similar" to Eat Pray Love. After a teribble relationship ended with divorce, Frances Mayes (Diana Lane), as a writer decided to buy a villa in Tuscany, Italy (again!*geez!). Wishing for a change to her life. Finding new hope and love. 
The most interesting part is when she bought a villa left nothing but broken water tap. She decorate all the rooms. And soon, happiness come, it brings love from the people unexpected in her life. And guess what? Water flows from the tap.

Well, I know there are so many more movies with a beautiful scene. This one is the list according to me. See? So many city of love in Italy. That's true, people say, Italy is the most romantic country in the world. It's full of love and romance. I wonder, when can I visit Italy?
I hope that my post was useful to u. I suggest u to go Italy, may be for honeymoon? HAHA!

Vacanza Felice =)

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