Sunday, May 1, 2011

1st May

We r in May now. Almost half journey of 2011. People said, new month always bring new hope, isnt it?
So what's yours? Here is mine,

1. Finish my garment ASAP!
2. Visit Singapore with my mom & sista (in the middle of assignment!?) I dont think so. At least I hope for that.
3. Meet Yung~ *HAHA! Seems my wishes are so hard to fulfill. Or should I say, IMPOSSIBLE?
4. I get Iphone4! Though this month is not my birthday, I do wish for a gift. LOL!
5. Last but not least, I hope this month will be as great as previous month.

I feel like I wanna write something. But I cant figure it out. HM!? That doesnt mean Im out of topic.
AH! I got idea. Just let me share, the cool gadget I wanna have.

Vaio E-series, of course in PINK color!

Iphone 4G in White color!

Mini Diana in Pink color!

Ipod Nano 6G in Pink! plus Incipio watch case! 

To fulfill those all, I might work for years. LOL! And when I save enough money, there'll be more cooler gadget! Though Im not a gadgetholic, I do love collect them. Not only for style but for the incredible feature. 

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