Friday, June 18, 2010


Deep breathe.....
Finally.. Omigoood~
I was suffered from these past weeks.. because of my final project. Huh!!!
2 garments. 10 boards to present. Finally everything done. ON TIME!!! in HURRY!!
Hm~ i was about to give up when i thought dat i cant handle it all.
But so much thanx (okay~ i mean REALLY HUGE THAAAANX!!!), and this THANX is give to:
- Him, who let me learn wadd is struggle really mean in life
- My bloved Mom, who support me everytime I complain about my work or wadd I am about to give up with all her love and patience.
- My lovely room mate, Wiha. Who helping me so MUCH!!, let me see how hard to reach a dream.
- My lovely fren, Christine 'n Diana, who always support me. N cheer me up whenever im down of my work.
- My lecturer and my model. Who help me to complete this final. I wont make it without U guys!!
Freedom. A simple word with huge meaning. Im free!! I have nothing to do. I have nothing to worry about. I have nothing to think of. Well, being free is like a feeling of relief.
But life isnt always flat. I KNOW, of course! hehehe...
Well, ill b home this coming monday.
Cant wait for monday. Really!!!
Btw, i'll upload my garments later.
Cuz i just have some pics of my project.

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