Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet Escape

Again! Long time no writing.
I was buried by assignment.. huff!! FINAL is come closer.
I sat in front of my sewing machine along the day.
Wadd a terrible week. Haiih~
Well, tommorow is a HOLIDAY!!*cheer up!

Let me write down my story. Hohoho..
I went to school today. Asked my lecturer about my work.
I was thinking about my assignment the whole nite.
N i found out the answer ald. Fiiuuuh~
Huge THANX to my great lecturer, AUNTY!! :)
As usual, we go back home by bus at 12pm.
After we reached the dorm, u noe wadd!!!?
No electric. WTH~~
Feels like im in my hometown.
Hmm~ my hometown used to turn off the electric in each district.
No electric, means NO LIVING!!!!
Then me with my besties, we decided spend our day in Sunway Pyramid.
Wadd a sweet escape!! wadd else?
But the point is, we watched LETTER TO JULIET!!!
Awesome! Romantic!
For God's sake, the scenery of the movie was so WONDERFUL!
It's in VERONA.
The place where Juliet met Romeo.
The place where shakespeare set the story.
The place where the love story begin.
*hope one day i'll visit Verona. :) hahaha~~
Watching dat movie make us dreaming of a sweet love in VERONA.
Even we r nt falling in luv with the Italian man.
But it'll make us fall for the country.

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