Sunday, June 20, 2010


Do u think im as a girl know about u so well?
Okay, im gonna tell u, wadd man (i mean REAL MAN) in my mindset.
They may have power, but dat doesnt mean they can intimidate.
They may nt b gentle all the time, but please!! at least u dun hv to b so rude whenever u r talking. We all know dat ur voice is much more louder than us.
See? dat was wadd MAN in ur (girls) opinion.
Look at u...
R u including one of them above?
im just wanna say:
"Man may have the power.. but have u ever think where u came from? ur mom!"
talking about Man, today is Father's day.
Although u r nt the best father in this world
But u r the best Man in my world

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