Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sushi and BBQ Night

I spent my last weekend in my cousin's place. We had sushi as our dinner. At Hachi Hachi. A 'sushi and watever' restaurant.

My favorite - Volcano Roll

Since she is not a sushi lover, she had this fish and chip

The other night, we had homemade BBQ. Pork, beef, fish fillet, shirmp, sausage and squid. All served in one sauce. The preparation is quite fun! I marinate the meat by myself. Luckily, it tastes good!

I also make a chocolate pudding. I'd rather call it less-sugar pudding than admit I didnt pour enough sugar in it. *lol*

The worst thing I discover during my weekend is I GAIN WEIGHT! It's worth it anyway. Look forward another 'meat-ing day'.

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