Friday, November 9, 2012

Kondangan Peranakan Tionghoa

Last night I was invited to Kondangan Peranakan Tionghoa to celebrate the first year anniversary of ASPERTINA, a chinese descendants association of Indonesia. Held at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta with the chinese culture wedding as the theme. I was so excited finding the match outfits to attend the party. So, I specially make a skirt from batik. Which I modified from dress. I put a lot of afford though it. Luckily it ended the way I want. Here's the picture of my handmade batik skirt.

Outfit of the night

Basically it's a fashion show. But I didnt get the runway picture, because it way too far from my table. Another thing is it serves the Peranakan food which is so much alike with Indonesian Melayu cuisine.

The atmosphere is bringing me back to my hometown wedding party. Everything from the lighting and decoration are so 'Medan'.

I come to represent VOICE+, the magazine I work for. Luckily, I was accompanied by a colleague who helped me a lot during the interview. And he managed to take some pictures from the runway collection.

Photo credit : Kristian

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